Juan Domingo Per " on is known as the greatest Argentinean politician of all time. However, he is also one of he most controversial. His tactics and alliances are often criticized as are the changes and developments he brought about in Argentina. The one thing that can be concluded by all is that this man led a very complex and important life. Per " on was born on October 8, 1895, in a province of Buenos Aires.

He was the second son of Mario and Juana Per " on. His father was an employee of the local court. When Juan was five years old his father abandoned the family. To make ends meet, Juana married a man whom was a farm hand. When he was ten he went to live with his uncle in Buenos Aires so that he could begin his formal education. Per " on was not an outstanding student but he always managed to pass.

Juan's military career started at age 16. Juan went on to study at the National Military Academy. He graduated in 1915 as a second lieutenant. His military career was now off and running.

It is not really known why he decided to join the military. Some think it was because he needed discipline in his life, while others think it was to help him in gaining power. The early parts of his military career were ordinary. After the revolution of 1943 Juan Per " on shared control of the Argentinean government. Under Pedro Ramirez, Per " on held three cabinet positions. With that he saw an opportunity.

He did many reform programs and won a lot of the support of labor unions. He also gained strength and backing from the military. With all his power and strength on the rise most of the people around him distrusted him. In 1945 he was arrested and was forced to resign. That upset his followers.

They got him released through protests and demonstrations. In 1946 with the help of his wife Eva Per " on, he rose to power and was elected president. Eva helped Juan in may ways. When she tried to run for vice president she was denied mainly because many of the military leaders felt threatened. She kept on helping Per " on by keeping him in contact with he countries labor unions. Eva or Evita died in 1952 of cancer.

Per " on set out to make Argentina the military and financial power of Latin America. This was a tough task though since Per " on had many oppositions. Per " on used censorship and other violations of Civil rights to help control his oppositions. The catholic church was one of them. The catholic church was in an uproar when Per " on pushed for the policy of divorce. They reformed and revolted and forced Per " on to flee.

Both the army and the navy felt it was best for the country if Per " on resigned. Per " on resigned and moved to Spain. Even though Per " on was out of Argentina his followers or 'peronist as', as they were called, stayed active. In 1970 Argentina was going through a time of economic trouble. The 'peronist as' gained strength during these times. In 1973 was asked to return to Argentina.

He was elected president with the help of his third wife Isabel. She was elected vice president. In 1972 Juan doming Per " on died. He was succeeded by his wife Isabel. adams, ronald. peron: a biography. random e house, new york. 1992.