Terror in the Skies As many of us awoke this morning we thought it would be a normal weekday. Nobody had any idea what was in-store for The United States of America. As many of us were just walking into work at at 8: 45 am a large plane possibly hijacked, tore through Tower A of the WTC (World Trade Center). It looked as if the building swallowed the plane whole. Just 17 min. later a second plane hit Tower B. With both towers in flames at 9: 17 am the FAA shut down all NYC airports. At 9: 21 am The Port authority of NY & NJ shut down all tunnels and bridges in the NYC area.

Following this at 9: 30 am President George W. Bush released a statement saying it was, ? A apparent terrorist attack.? Just 10 min. after this the FAA grounded all planes. This was the first time in history that all US air-traffic is halted.

At 9: 43 am a jet crashed into the Pentagon, causing it to be evacuated immediately. With in 2 min. of this the The White House was cleared of everyone inside. At 10: 05 am The South Tower of the WTC collapses, plunging into the street, and a slow cloud of smoke rolled into the streets. Just 5 min later half of The Pentagon also collapses. In the same moment a US airlines flight 97 crashes in Somerset County, PA. In 3 min of the PA crash the United Nations clear all 7,000 people inside.

AT 10: 24 am, The FAA redirected all international planes heading to the US the Canada and Mexico. At 10: 28 am, the North Tower falls to mark the end the NYC skyline as we know it. There is only now memories of the Twin Towers. At 11: 18 am American Airlines reported 2 lost aircrafts, One of these slamming into the Trade Center. Also at 11: 26 am Under Airlines reported that their aircraft crashed in PA. Yet agian, Bush made another Announcement at 1: 04 pm, saying that, ?

Make no mistake, the United States will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly acts.? At 1: 44 pm the Pentagon sent 5 warships and 2 carriers to watch over the East Coast. The 2 Carriers have been sent to NY Harbor. Next at 2: 30 pm. the FAA stated that no US air traffic will not fly until 12: 00 noon, Wednesday. Following this at 3: 55 pm NYC Mayor Giuliani says that up to 2,100 injuries. The next reaction on the list is that Building 7 of the WTC is reported on fire.

A Half-hour later Wall Street said the would remain closed Wednesday. Later at 5: 20 pm the 47 story build 7 falls to meet its two? Bigger Brothers? which had already met there fate. At 7: 45 pm.

78 police officers missing of whom 40 belong to the Port Authority. And as many as 400 firefighters died on the scene. At 10: 46 pm the Port Authority Police found 2 bombs under the George Washington Bridge. The bombs had enough power to destroy the bridge.