Based on what this article is about, I would have to say that I disagree. For the reasons that I do disagree, my opinions are, I don't think Mexican immigrants are taken advantage of American jobs, education, medical care, and welfare benefits. If so, Mexican immigrants are not alone in disturbing to the future. You cannot judge all Mexican immigrants just by one little mini- riot. In my opinion I don't think Mexican immigrants are taken advantage of any, and all American benefits. From what I know is a fact Mexican immigrants are struggling for jobs in the U. S that pay good enough to support their family.

Being immigrants causes them to have jobs that pay much less then any other worker in the United States. As far as education, most immigrants stop attending school up to their senior year in high school, because of the advantage of not having a Social Security number, to get them into the good colleges of their choice. As well as medical care and welfare benefits, it is a fact that Mexican immigrants are not the only ones receiving them, but also African- Americans, and Americans themselves. So why is the blame just on Mexican immigrants, when half of Americans are just lazy themselves to get a job, leaving an open opportunity for those immigrants to get those jobs. And work hard to live a stable life for them and their offspring.

If so, some Mexican immigrants are not just the only ones who are disturbing to the U. S in the future. But in the United States, every color of immigrants are going to be coming to live and mix in this country causing some what of disturbance. It's not just immigrants. But the U. S citizens to, who are raping and killing the fellow Americans. The homeless you see in the streets are also citizens who become disturbing to the U. S by stealing and begging for money, not just Mexican immigrants. But any immigrants period!

The United States has to stop the accusing on one kind of group, when the problem in also including themselves. Because of one riot happening during the Gold Cup soccer match, doesn't necessarily mean that all Mexicans, Mexican immigrants are all alike. Its' like the saying: "Never judge a book by it's cover". Which in reality, the U. S is just pointing at one culture. Some people might have been the total opposite and cheered for the United States, rather then for Mexico and pelting them.

All what is written in this essay is my reasons why I disagree with the article I read. Stating my reasons that the Mexican immigrants are not just coming to the United States to take advantage of any American benefits, and then disrespecting it as if the U. S meant nothing but land and water to them.