Juvenile Delinquent Gangs As a kid I could remember walking to school every day. While on the way to school there was always a group of kids sanding outside of the school walking away. These kids dressed differently and they all whore the same type of clothes. It wasn't until years later that I was told to stay away from them because they were gangsters. They were gangsters that caused problems to the community. These gangsters would go up to kids and try and jump them into their gang.

For them the more members they had the more "territory they had". One problem that major cities around the world have is gangs. Most of these gangs are made up of many juvenile delinquents looking for trouble. These gangs tend to hang out in certain places and claim it as their territory. Many of the gang members are drawn together by similar interests, and are brought up in similar neighborhoods. The Social Disorganization Perspective The social disorganization perspective follows the substance users to their living era and environment.

Social disorganization perspective examines why individuals more from one environment to another and how they struggle to adjust to new environment, and how they are lured or forced into substance user, deviance, or criminal activity in the face of difficulty from the new environment or due to their individual maladjustments. On the other hand it studies how a particular environment causes stress, disillusion, and disorders among individuals who live in it, and why substance abuse, deviance, crime, and other social problems tend to increase in a time when or in a place where change occurs abruptly Social Class Most of the gang members that have been reported come from the lower social economical class. When these kids are out in the streets they have nothing better to do so they begin go commit delinquent behavior. Since these economically challenged kids have no money to go anywhere they tend to hang round their neighbor hood. These kinds of groups encourage each other to commit criminal activity. Since they feel that if one does it all of them can do it too.

Drugs According to the social disorganization perspective gang members do drugs because they are forced into a substance. Drug offences are a common substance that is used and abused in gangs. Most people and kids that do drugs are because of peer pressure. Others reasons why gang members do drugs are because the environment that they are in forces the to do drugs to fit in. They also do drugs because the environment they live in stresses them out so much that lure them into drug use and abuse. Violence Gangs are known to be very violent.

Gangs use violence to protect their own gang members from enemy attacks. They also use violence to jump people in or to get them out of the gang. Gangs also use violence to represent where they are from; if an opposing gang disrespects them they are killed or beat up. Violence can be shown in forms of shooting people with guns, stabbing people with knives, or even punching them and kicking them until they are unconscious. Some times gangs tend to beat people up just for the sport of it.

It makes them feel like they are the untouchables. Some gangs use violence as a form of security. Whenever they feel like they are in danger they use any forms or means to fight back or protect themselves. Present day gangs are using more and more guns and deadly force to fight or Races There are many gangs, however they are not the entire same race. There are many Anglo, African American, Mexican American, Chinese, Japanese, and many more types of gangs. Although not all gangs are separated by race, there are also many gangs that are mixed of different.

The mixture of is manly due to the fact that they were brought up in the same community and neighborhood. Just like in the social disorganization perspective these gangs are brought up and made of members that were force or lured into a gang. Ways of preventing Gangs There are many ways of preventing gangs from forming. One way could start in the family. Parents should pay more attention to what their kids are doing and less time leaving them to do what ever they want. Instead of having kids come home after school and hanging around in the streets they should be signed up to after school programs.

Parents should start to pay more attention to their kid's activities when they are small before they grow up in the streets and be come juvenile delinquents. Another way of preventing gangs from forming could be done with the local law enforcement. Law enforcement should put some harsh penalties to gang violence and delinquent gang activities. This will encourage other gang members to stop their violent delinquent behavior. Conclusion There are many reasons why gangs are formed. But the main reason why gangs could be best explained is using the social disorganization perspective.

When a person from one environment is introduced into another environment that they are not use to, so they are easily lured or forced into some kind of substance abuse, deviance, and / or criminal activity. This is the mainly why there are so many gangs in this world. Maybe if parents would start to talk and involve themselves in their kid's lives at an early age gangs could be diminished greatly in the future..