Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels essay example

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Karl Marx (1818-1883) Karl Marx is a German philosopher and most important figure in socialist history. Marx is known as a Communist, but should be known for his great philosophy. He also is said to be the founder of economic history and sociology. The name Karl Marx instantly brings to mind different ideas.

We all associate him with communism, so he's something of a misunderstood figure in the U.S. Many people instantly disagree with any Marxist idea, often without even knowing why. The truth is Marx was a brilliant economist, and even if you disagree with his political or economic ideas, it's still a good thing to understand them. Marx had a great impact on the events of the twentieth century, and will continue to have a lasting impact on world thought. Karl Marx was born, May 5, 1818, of Jewish parents. Marx later began to study history and philosophy. He was fascinated by the ways history and philosophy all came together.

Marx was strongly influenced by the works of George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. In 1841, he received a doctor's degree from the University of Jena. This all caused Marx to slowly and gradually change. He began to consider journalism. He liked that he could express his voice to many people. In 1842, he became an editor.

He married Jenny Von Westphal en in 1843; She was a daughter of a high official. Marx's newspaper was suppressed. Marx was saddened by this and wanted to find other ways to express his opinion. He then moved to Paris. There he met with French socialist writers. There he met Friedrich Engels.

They became lifelong friends. Both of these events caused Marx to become a socialist. Marx began to write his own book. He wrote his book, The Communist Manifesto. This was his most famous book. It was considered the guide on how to become a communist.

The writing of his book caused his newspaper to start up again. His newspaper was started also because of the atmosphere i Germany. In 1849 he was expelled. Marx proved himself a prolific writer.

Marx was anxious to apply his philosophy. He then wrote a booklet called, Die Klassen Kampf e in Frankreich. He then wrote yet another masterpiece. One his most famous works was Das Kapital. In the book, he had many theories. Marx began to think differently.

Marx thought that Tsarist was the greatest enemy of freedom. He wished for a strengthening of British imperialism. Besides Engels, Marx had no close, life long friend. Many began to say that he seemed cold, and full of hate.

Marx eventually came up with the idea of Marxism. Marxism has greatly influenced the development of socialist thought. Marxism is the economic and political philosophy originated by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Many scholars have considered Marx a great economic theoretician. He spent the rest of his life in dire poverty. Several of Marx's children died.

One of those who died was Edgar, his only son. One of his daughters reached adult life. The third one died from suicide. Marx then died on March 14, 1883. He was buried at Highgate Cemetery. Marx was in the end respected as a very inspiring German philosopher and most important figure in socialist history.