Kind Of Love essay example

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Song This poem by John Donne is about a relationship with him and his lover. In this relationship he has to leave even though he does not want to. He compares their separation to death and says since they go through small separations like these that they will be ready for a big separation such as death. He says, "To use myself in jest, Thus by feigned deaths to die". This means that their parting will not last forever. He also compares their separation to the sun.

This comparison is looked at in a sense that the sun goes down every day but comes back the next. So he saying, don't worry I will be back soon. He later says their souls are as one, so physically their relationship could make it through the toughest of times. He also says, "But think that we are but turned aside to sleep. They who one another keep alive, ne'r parted be". This quote means that since they have true love they can never truly be separated.

There are two kinds of love, agape and eros. Agapaic love is the kind that is displayed in this relationship. This kind of love is true and goes much deeper than simple physical attraction. Eros love is the kind of love that is based on physical attraction and only the things that can be physically touched. Eros love is centered mainly around sex. The relationships that revolve around sex never last and are rarely true.

His relationship with his lover is agapaic and his absence will be physical but their love will never end.