King Louis essay example

412 words
We are the nobility; we own 30% of the land. We are involved in, finance, shipping, insurance and manufacturing. What need do we have for this king? If we revolt alongside the bourgeoisie we can overthrow the king and thus keeping our power.

King Louis has be squandering and nearly bankrupting this country on that stupid lodge of his the Versailles! That money could be going to us! The ones that collect the taxes and send him the money that we collect! We don't care about a stupid lodge!

What about us! We could be making our own mansions, but no, Louis is spending our rightful money on extravagance that only he and a select few of our nobles can enjoy. What if we were to overthrow the king? Then wouldn't we be able to control who gets the money? Look at what the Americans have done, they are revolting with arms against the British, shouldn't we be able to do the same against Louis?

So lets stop this guy from taking our power before its too late! Another thing, King Louis is trying to make us pay taxes! This is a serious threat due to his amount of power, if he is able to convince some of the higher nobility of the idea than we could be forced to go along with it. That is why it is so important to unite against the king at the estates general. Only there will we be able to show our power and stop this madness from continuing. If we do this right we will be all that much closer to creating a government of absolutism of our own.

Just think how much more power, money, riches, and luxury we will all have if we overthrow the king. Imagine a government where we decide what goes on and where the money goes. We could take this crumbling nation and raise it into power again. But this can only be done if that wimpy king of ours is eliminated. Remember, we own 30% of the land, some of us even live in the Versailles, with that much power and influence I know that we can obliterate the reign of laziness this king ours has. So nobles lets unite and together we can have everything we have ever dreamed of and more.