My favorite artist is Kurt Cobain. He was born February 20, 1967 & died April 5, 1994 at the age of 27. He was the vocalist / guitarist for the famous Grunge Rock band named "Nirvana". Which was formed in 1986.

Nirvana was composed of two other people who were really close friends of Kurt. This was the beginning of Kurt's prosperous career. But for him that was the beginning of a painful and stressful life Kurt's education level wasn't high. He dropped out of High School at the age of 17.

Being a senior he only had two more months left to graduate but that was the choice he made. Since he had been playing & composing music since the age of 13. He chose his music career over his education. Since he really didn't care about his future, since he already knew that he wasn't going to live to be over the age of thirty. Nirvana succeeded in a tremendous way, people loved their music especially teenagers who saw themselves reflected in the lyrics Kurt sang.

They made six music albums. But from those six there was one which was the most popular which was named "Nevermind". They sold 550 million copies and made over 10 million dollars. Which was a complete success for the whole band. People liked Nirvana a lot but who they really loved was Kurt. He was known as the unwilling spokesman of their generation because what he sang, he sang from his heart.

If I ever had the chance to be like Kurt I don't think I would be able to make it or ever be as good as he was. I would most probably leave the music industry or quit. My dream has never been to be someone famous because of the consequences that come with it. I love Kurt for his music and not for how he lived his life or ended it. The music he played and the lyrics of the songs he sang came from his heart from own life experiences. He touched many with his songs even though he didn't notice it or maybe he did, but just ignored it.

For how bad he lived his life and how he ended it, we can now learn that life is hard but we must go on till the end. No matter who or what stands in our way we must remain strong and never give up, like Kurt did, cause he didn't really solve anything but only cured his pain and ended his suffering which was enough reason for him to decide to end it all. Cause were all here for a reason and I guess Kurt found his reason. He touched all of our hearts with his beautiful voice and the songs he composed. He left us with his music and memories which will remain in our hearts forever and will never fade away. R.I. Kurt Donald Cobain (1967-1994).