Define the issue or problem at hand. At AT&T we have a labor union. It is the Communication Workers of America (CWA). Labor unions were very useful at one time in our society. Labor unions were started as a way to protect the workers from long work days with little or no compensation, ensured benefits, etc. But with the creation of civil rights laws, labor laws the unions have outplayed their usefulness.

Identify your role (if any) related to the issue I am a member of CWA at AT&T. I am being surpluses on 12/19/03. My manager's want to keep me because of my work ethics, but they can't because of the union. One of the workers who will be saved because of seniority has only worked about a month so far this year. This particular occurrence has happened in most for just about this person's entire career with AT&T. Possible proposed solutions or courses of action The best proposal would be to get rid of the union. This would allow the company to keep the best and the brightest. I know there would probably be some favoritism, but the companies policies should be able to take care of that problem.

Another possible solution could be to promote to management workers who deserve a promotion. Recommended action as the best of the proposed alternatives The best solution overall would be to dismantle the union. Unions have become too political and no longer use their power for workers rights.