Eco-tourism is tourism, which is environmentally friendly. They minimally intrude or destruct the environment and support the native cultures. It concentrates on the conservation of nature and the well being of the native communities. Mass tourism has big impacts on the environment such as beaches, landscapes and local culture. Eco-tourism encourages small developments with visitors staying in places ran by local people and learning about the environment. For example staying in the rainforest in a small locally run hotel and learning about the wildlife and plants.

The idea of eco-tourism is to make tourism less damaging to the environment and making money for the local people rather than big multinational companies. Kenya Tourism brings many benefits to Kenya e.g. adding capital to the economy. It has many attractions such as their national parks, Mt. Kenya and beautiful coral reefs. However tourism brings a lot of development such as tall buildings, spoiling the beauty of the scenery. Also local people are being exploited working in hotels etc and being paid a very low wage.

Their local cultures may also be exploited with a demand for the tourists for local shows and dances of local culture, buying of souvenirs and trinkets etc. But what the tourists want isn't always what the local peoples culture offers. So their skills and cultures become changed in order to meet demand. There is also a big demand for safaris in developing countries such as Zimbabwe. People want to see the big five and use 4 wheel drive jeeps, which damage the paths and scare animals.

The demand for package holidays to places such as Benidorm has decreased people have decided that not only do they want to lie around by the pool all day but they also want to go to more exotic places. Zimbabwe Is in South Africa. It has become one of South Africa's fastest growing tourist regions. With attractions such as the Victoria Falls and numerous game parks. More than 900,000 visitors a year were recorded in 1993, with receipts amounting to US$138 million. Papua New Guinea Is an independent nation lying east of Indonesia and north of Australia in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

Nearly three quarters of Papua New Guinea is covered by dense tropical rainforest.