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Love Conquers All... Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has been seen as the most tragic love story in history. But many people don't look past the text and read between the lines. This story is full of contrasts. Joy and sorrow, light and dark, youth and age, love and hate, life and death. Love is a dangerous emotion a lot like fire is to the elements.

But even if fire burns everything down, the forest will always grow back stronger. To share the beauty of its trees with the world, no one losses, everything things repair themselves in different ways. This is similar to the Romeo and Juliet tragedy. Love takes over your whole body. It blinds you so you cant see anything but the object of your affection. It deafens you so you cant hear anything but there voice.

You cant taste anything but there lips on yours. It makes you cold when you don't have there loving arms holding you. But at the same time it keeps a fire burning in your heart. Love is a drug, you feel so good when you have it but when its gone your helpless, totally vulnerable.

Love can be so pure and innocent and go as deep as the sea. But even the rose has thorns, love can be sweet but bitter. Bring you so much joy but also so much sorrow. It has so many contrasts, that's what makes it the most complex and confusing emotion, also the most dangerous.

Love is what holds us together, Hate is what keeps us apart. These two emotions are what makes up Romeo and Juliet. The hate which the Montague's and Capulet's have for each other vs. the love Romeo and Juliet have for each other. The contrasts together mix a deadly potion which has a fatal outcome. What is the difference between love and hate? Some say it is only a fine line which divides them.

If it is possible for Romeo and Juliet to love each other after the hatred that there families has taught them about the other, then this statement must be true. Romeo and Juliet showed us that love was above everything there parents, even hate that's what made it so strong. Juliet had a lot of stresses in her life, with her parents telling her she must marry Paris, her unexpressed love for Romeo and her nurse watching her every move. But still through this she has found the strength to love and care for Romeo. "My only love, sprung from my only hate! Too early seen unknown, and known to late!

Prodigious birth of love it is to me, that I must love a loathed enemy". Juliet was totally unbiased and must have been a bit of a rebel. To go against her parents will. The name Montague meant nothing to her. It was the love she has for him that overcame it". What's in a name?

That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet". How could this emotion not be powerful, look at what it has done to Juliet. But it has also effected Romeo in much the same way. He to went against his parents wishes and risked everything to be with the one who loved him. After Romeo decided that Juliet was the one and only for him he went out of his way to make her his. Once they got married she was all he could think about.

But in the tragic circumstance that Romeo was banished from there fair town of Verona they were separated. Romeo was banished because of the clashing of two worlds uniting, a confrontation with Tybalt gone wrong, two souls left the earth. Tybalt murdered Mercutio, an enraged Romeo sets out to gain revenge and ends up killing Tybalt Juliet's cousin. Romeo's brotherly love for Mercutio made him do what he did, love is a dangerous emotion especially when people start dying from it, but the real tragedy is yet to come. This created turbulence for the newlyweds. Just wanting to be together but being separated just about destroyed them Juliet went to the Friar in desperate need of help.

Both Romeo and Juliet had visited the Friar, he had already come up with a plan enabling them to be together. The Friar had made a potion for Juliet to take which makes her look like she had passed on. So her family will think that she is dead and she will not have to marry Paris. After her funeral she would arise and leave town to be with Romeo. By this point Romeo could think of nothing but Juliet and how she was. "News from Verona!

How now Balthasar? Dost thou not bring me letters from the Friar. How doth my lady? Is my father well?

How doth my Juliet? That I ask again for nothing can be ill if she be well". Everything went to plan until the letter that was sent to Romeo informing him on what was going on never got there. Instead the word that Juliet was dead got to him. Romeo was destroyed.

In shock and denial Romeo rushes back to Verona despite his banishment to see if the news was true. Again he is going against what he is meant to do for Juliet. Only love can make someone so crazy that they don't care what happens to themselves only the other person. He finds Juliet cold and lifeless in the church, Romeo declares his love for her then takes his own life, as he does Juliet wakes up and sees what has happened, thinking she can never go on in this world without her husband and only love she takes her own life. To be reunited with Romeo and then they can be free, together loving each other throughout eternity. To souls gone.

Left the earth bound for a more peaceful life together. But the real tragedy is that it could have been prevented, from the very beginning. Even though it seams that all is lost and burnt down. The forest starts to grow, a new start to life fresh and new. Though it was tragic that Romeo and Juliet took there life's in protest of there love. The Capulet's and Montague's were reunited in their child's deaths.

As far as we know they made friends thinking that they owed it to there son and daughter. A new friendship bonded a new start, a better start for something that was always meant to be. No one losses in this story. Everyone gets what they want. Romeo and Juliet got to be free with each other just to love one another, which is what they wanted to do the whole time. The Capulet's and Montague's came together in grief but left as friends.

Everyone got what they wanted in the end. It was just tragic they road they had to take.