Allocation: I modulate MBA By: Germa'n Villegas L Second year Masters in Administration. Ices i university Date of session: August 29 of 2003. Subject: Cartier Case. Professor: Case: CARTIER A LUXURY LEGEND Basic Aspects: The history of Cartier can be divided in three epoca: THE FAMILY Pierre Cartier opened in a 1817 after the Napoleonic wars store in Paris where it sold decorative spears for powder and reasons for firearms, later his son Louis Francois began as apr end " iz of jeweler Monseiour Picard and later opened its own store in 1859, taking control famous of the French royalty. The son of Louis Francois, Alfred later happened in the familiar business and the son of this, Louis in 1889, that contributed new designs and designed e~n first Cartier clock of geometric form. In 1902, Louis opens a store of Cartier in London, which gerenciala Pierre Cartier and in 1909 opens another store in New York in the fifth avenue, Eduardo VII of England, being Prince of Wales, describes it like the King of Jewelers.

In these principles of century, the Cartier house reaches the apogee, the tycoons, stars of cinema, rich and famous they buy its jewels as distinction sign. In 1924 it sends the three ring of three different types from gold that are a success, are called the Trinidad. On World War II the general Of Gaulle founded the Free France movement and is supported unconditionally by Cartier, some of his speeches are even transmitted by the BBC from the office of Jacques Cartier. In this epoca tambi " es is sold the store of New York in the middle of a familiar crisis. In 1942 Mere Louis Cartier and one separates in three divisions: Paris, London and New York. In 1964 Robert Hocq it arrives at the company when offering to include in its novel lighters the seal to cartier.

In 1968 Cartier it grants to Hocq a license. In order to commercialize the new product I am created the company Le Briquet Cartier S.A... In 1968 the legendary one is sent and luxurious Cartier lighter, builds of the visionary Robert Hocq. Hocq began to look for a person in charge of the sale of its lighters and contracts Alain Perrin that with single 26 years obtained that the lighter was a success in the market. Due to the success of the lighters, Hocq began to receive many utilities but these are exclusively dedicated to reinvertir them in acquiring the Cartier mark permanently.

In 1969 Cartier it sells to Richard Burton a diamond ring which this offers to him to Elizabeth Taylor and for that reason the diamond Burton Taylor is called. The CONQUEROR In 1971 supported by a group of financiers and Joseph Kanoui, Hocq compares the jewel company and also acquires the stores of London and Paris. Alain Perrain becomes Chief of a main directorate of Lighters. Hocq sends to the mark? Le Must de Cartier? that it means the indispensable thing of Cartier creates the independent company? Les Must de Cartier? of which Perrin is President and this manages to convince to Hocq that the Cartier products must be exported to the rest of the world and not to concentrate themselves in Paris.

In 1973 Hocq it dies in an accident of Tra " nsi to and Kanoui assumes the control of the mark. Perrain once traveled to the year everywhere from Oriente. medio to Australia showing the universalidad of Him Must. In 1974 the Cartier ball-point pens In 1976 Cartier are united to the lighters read quiere the store of New York. They begin to create exclusive stores of Cartier anywhere in the world. In 1979 Hocq she dies in a traffic accident and her daughter assumes the control of the mark until 1981.

That same year Cartier me gres and Him Must, Alain Perrin becomes President Directive Consejo. The company has sales by 250 million dollars to the year. In 1981 a line of perfumes In 1983 is sent the Riche mont group acquires Cartier. Richemnont is proprietor of others marcas de luxury like Mont Blanc, Dunhill, Go Cleef & Apples and is proprietor of 18% of Brit is.