I am interested in becoming a sports announcer. I have been a sports fan all my life. I enjoy going to games, reading books about sports and watching ESPN every chance I get. Broadcasting involves writing, informing, entertaining, and educating people about specific sports. Statistics is certainly is important in sports reporting. Batting averages would be a good example of the use of math in sports.

A batting average is the number of hits divided by the number of times at bat. For example, if a batter had only 2 hits when he was up to bat 5 times, to figure out his batting average you would solve the following problem 2 divided by 5 = . 4. So the batter would have a.

400 batting average. This is simple arithmetic. Being a sportscaster is a career that probably involves using a lot a simple arithmetic. Your college major would be communications, radio-TV, or journalism, but you also need a physical education minor. If you wish to become a well informed sportscaster, the P.E. training offers important foundations for both major and minor sports. Once you are involved in broadcasting, you need to practice constantly.

A portable tape recorder can help you out greatly you can practice at a little league, a high school or college game, by calling the play by play. You can even turn down the TV sound and do the play-by-play calls in your own house. A sportscaster starts at the bottom. This allows a new announcer to make mistakes in front of the least critical audience. You need to listen to sportscasters, but don't try to copy them. You need to come up with your on style.

Becoming a sportscaster involves a good education, lots of preparation and hard work. So, you really need to enjoy your job.