Jamal McElveyJuly 25, 2002 Speech 101 Prof. Jan Short Living Eulogy Outline Topic: The life of Issac Harman V. Purpose: To give background information and specifics of his life. Introduction: On Oct. 12 1983 in Sinai hospital, a young man by the name of Issac Harman V was born. Since that day Issac has lived in Baltimore, Maryland all his life. He was raised by his mother and grandmother mostly his grandmother. From a quick meeting with him you most commonly observe that he is a very quiet person who seems no to have much to say. Even so if you know him you learn Issac is a person who likes to have fun, likes to play sports, hang out with friends, just "chill", and is a very family oriented person.

He also want to be known as a "cool" and relaxed person. Also as a someone who cares for the ones he loves. Body. PastA. Raised by his grandmother and mother (mostly grandmother) 1. Has a brother and sister which are younger 2.

Very stable and secure environment growing up. 3. Grandmother was protective; just wanted what was best for him. Uncle Boobie- favorite uncle 1.

Showed him a lot about life. 2. Come form nothing now has 5 cars and a big house. 3. Like a role model, showed if you believe you can achieve. 4.

Father showed broke down life, school, and girls to him. Basically taught him how to be a man. C. Culture / Background 1. Important being black have to go through many trials and it is hard. 2. Things you learn are different from other races 3. Cultural background not that important it helped him to learn and understand.

II. Present. A. Presently attends DSU 1. Major is Mass Communications 2. School is Frustrating to him B. Excited and anxiously awaiting the arrival of his daughter.

1. Saving money 2. Works hard at Sears to get money 3. Feels his job is not a major factor about him just helps out to get what he wants..

Future A. His baby girl 1. Wants to have an impact on her life. 2. Finish school. Things he wants to have. 1.

Get a new car. 2. Finish school. C. Wants to do something in Radio 1. Radio broadcaster, or DJ.

2. Wants to be successful in the rap game as producer or beat maker.