What is manic depression? " It has a name now I know what it is" (gold pg 26) Manic depression also know as bipolar disorder, is classified as a type of disorder (also called mood disorder) that goes beyond the day's ordinary ups and downs, and is becoming a serious medical condition and important health concern in this country. Manic depression is characterized by periodic episodes of extreme elation, happiness, elevated mood, or irritability, also called mania countered by periodic, classic major depressive symptoms. There are three types of manic depression: Major Depression or Clinical Depression, Bipolar Disorder or Manic Depression and Dysthymia Disorder. Manic or Bipolar disorder affects more than 2.3 million American adults. Bipolar or Manic disorder affects males and females equally although females are more likely to experience more depressive and less manic symptoms.

Twenty to 30 percent of adults bipolar patients noticed their first Bipolar or Manic Depression before the age of 20. In the cases of a teen suffering from manic or bipolar. A diagnosis to bipolar or manic depression has to be made carefully by a psychiatrist base on the following test: the adolescent age and medical history, adolescence tolerance for specific medications or therapies, expectations for the course of the condition, the parent opinion or preference. Manic depression is likely to run in families and in some cases is believe to be hereditary.

A trigger to this problem is family history of substance abuse, it increases the risk of developing it earlier. The symptoms of Manic depression or Bipolar Disorder are: Depressive Symptoms and Manic Symptoms. In many cases Manic symptoms are present before the age of twelve, there are often confused with attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) this is a syndrome that is usually characterized by serious and persistent difficulties resulting in inattentiveness or distractibility, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. The Depressive Symptoms that people suffer from manic or bipolar disorder are: persistent feelings of sadness, feeling hopeless or helpless, having low self-esteem, feeling inadequate, excessive guilt".

Depression eliminates your self confidence" (Gold pg 28). To this day scientist have not found a cure or the gene that is causing the bipolar disorder". they are miracle drugs for people with mental illness " (gold pg 30). This disorder has open the doors to new drugs to treat the bipolar disorder. Lithium, valproic or carbamazepine are some of the most famous drugs that exist for the treatment of this disorder. The coping strategies that researches enforce for bipolar patients to keep are a healthy life style, reducing stress, and most of all help to understand your mood, prevent relapses, words of encouragement, like I love you, you doing a great job, keep up the good work, yoga and meditation etc. By exercising your body releases endorphins, which help your body to feel calm and happy.

To choose a sport or routine that you enjoy is a good way to start. Once you select the activity, is wise to executed it for 30 minutes or more three or four times a week. Yoga is now getting popular now in days, people are moved by the different ways of motions it contains as well as the unique practice on balance ones aura. To eat well balance meals helps your body to get nourishment's, by eating vegetables and fruits is a good way to achieve this.

Many of us tend to forget that our body is a temple and we must love it, by drinking excessive soda is a good way to disrespect our body. Along with a daily multivitamin this will help you to get your vitamins and minerals that the body needs. By maintaining a well balance diet will also improve your energy boost and help you on the hierarchy or basic needs that a person must have in order to have a good normal life. Such needs involve safety needs which help you to not to worry about your safety and self esteem needs which are the needs that a lot of happy people have in abundant measures.

On the other hand people with mental illnesses tend to have very low self esteem, majority is cause by us, the society that sometimes our knowledge towards people and his / her differences we tend to make fun or not accept them as human beings. Avoid alcohol and drugs, by trying to cope the bipolar symptoms with your feelings some times this will make people to drink or try to use other drugs to replace their medication. This is very dangerously and makes things worse, making relapses to come by faster. By creating a routine based on the sleep and a reasonable bedtime on which both routines have to be follow and sticking it to it responsible is a good way to balance your body chemicals. Learn to predict relapses by making sure you get enough sleep and eat at the routine time this will definitely will decrease a full blown relapse. To avoid stress by knowing yourself, to make sure you eliminate stressful situations like having a class program in school this could help you.

By meditating or the use of yoga is a good way to encounter a peaceful state of mind. Finally the most and important way to cope with bipolar or manic depression is by talking to your family and let them know what is wrong with you and what specific doctor you want to be always to be treated. There are many centers that offer help with this problem illness. A good center that is specialized into this type of illnesses in New York City is the Montefiore Medical Center on 168 street and Broadway, run by Gregory M. Asn is, MD. One break through on this illness is the attentive measure on cognitive learning. Allowing this new theory researches are being able to predict and develop new medicines to help treat this type of illnesses.

For many reasons I decided to research on this topic and the main reason is that I suffer from migraines and relapses, kind of similar to the headaches and symptoms that Bipolar disorder or Manic depression have. To many extensions of the illness that I have, it has taught me to learn to control my life a little better, but the downside to this is that Illnesses like Bipolar or any mental illnesses slow down on some familiar activities that I was used to have. Like when going to the park if a person that suffers from any mental illness gets a relapse, the person has to immediately get a stabilizer and to that his / her familiar activity goes down the drain, some people don't realize that. Although from the knowledge that I learned from this research paper it has help me to understand myself a lot better".

I could hardly take care of myself " (gold pg 14). But I'm learning to adapt and so far and it is working.