1933 January 30th Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. February 27th The Reichstag Fire. March 12th First Concentration Camp opened at Oranienburg outside Berlin. March 23rd Enabling Act gives Hitler dictatorial power.

April 1st Nazi Boycott of Jewish owned shops. May 10th Nazis burn books in Germany. In June Nazis open Dachau concentration camp. July 14th Nazi party declared only party in Germany. October 14th Germany quits the League of Nations. 1934 June 30th The "Night of Long Knives".

July 25th Nazis murder Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss. August 2nd German President Hindenburg dies. August 19th Adolf Hitler becomes Fuhrer of Germany. 1935 March 16th Hitler violates Treaty of Versailles by introducing military conscription. September 15th German Jews stripped of rights by Nuremberg Race Laws. 1936 February 10th The German Gestapo is placed above the Law.

March 7th German troops occupy the Rhineland. May 9th Mussolini's Italian forces take Ethiopia. July 18th Civil War starts in Spain. August 1st Olympic games begin in Berlin. October 1st Franco declared head of Spanish State.

1937 June 11th Soviet leader Stalin begins a purge of Red Army Generals. November 5th Hitler reveals War plans during Hoss bach Conference. 1938 March 12/13th Germany announces "Anschluss" (Union) with Austria. August 12th German military mobilises.

September 30th British Prime Minister Chamberlain appeases Hitler at Munich. October 15th German troops occupy the Sudetenland; Czech Government resigns. November 9/10th Kristallnacht- The Night of Broken Glass. 1939 January 30th Hitler threatens Jews during Reichstag speech. March 15/16th Nazis take Czechoslovakia.

March 28th Spanish Civil War ends. May 22nd Nazis sign "Pact of Steel" with Italy. August 23rd Nazis and Soviets sign Pact. August 25th Britain and Poland sign a mutual Assistance Treaty. August 31st British Fleet mobilises; Civilian evacuations begin from London.

September 1st Nazis invade Poland. September 3rd Britain, France, Austria and New Zealand declare War on Germany. September 4th British Royal Air Force attacks the German Navy. September 5th United States proclaims neutrality; German troops cross the Vistula River in Poland. September 10th Canada declares War on Germany; Battle of the Atlantic begins. September 17th Soviets invade Poland.

September 27th Warsaw surrenders to Nazis; Reinhard Heydrich becomes leader of the new Reich Main Security office (RSHA). September 29th Nazis and Soviets divide up Poland. In October Nazis begin euthanasia on sick and disabled in Germany. November 8th Assassination attempt on Hitler fails. November 30th Soviets attack Finland. December 14th Soviet Union expelled from the League of Nations.