Martin Luther King essay example

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Sometimes when people have dreams or vision, people say that they are crazy, but isn't it from dreams that our goals and ambitions derive from... which make America great? There was one man which had a dream; a dream that affected all of us. Martin Luther King was a man with a plan empowered by his dream. With out Martin Luther King, my world would be very different as I know it. In a time period when racism had rule in America, blacks were treated unfairly and until this day some do... With out Martin Luther king being a beacon of light every where to stop racism, I could have grown up in a world where I'm not allowed to even have a white friend.

I could be picking cotton down in the dirty south. I might not even be with my family the world / God decided to give birth to. People weren't uneducated in the times of slavery, they closed to be racist, and some that's all they knew. I still feel like some of these people exist...

I know some of these people exist, because I've talked to some of them. It's not only blacks that people were racist about. People aren't born racist, they are taught to be racist. I love how there are many different types of cultures and people in our school. It makes me feel more comfortable and almost special...

I owe it all to Martin Luther king, because I can't see my self in a world where I don't have my white friends or Spanish etc. Sure Mr. King did not do it alone, but to me he was the spark that started the fire, that burned people's souls even if they were in denial. So, in away this affected me in a great deal, whether it be school education, family, or just friends. It puts color into this not so black and white world.

In conclusion, the best I can say is THANK YOU, Martin Luther King Jr. THANK YOU!