McClaren F 1 essay example

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English McClaren F 1 Do you want the fastest street legal car in the world? Well then you need to get a McClaren F 1. This car will cost you an arm and a leg, but it is defiantly worth the money. If you like high speeds and great looks you will love the McClaren F 1.

The McClaren F 1 has very incredible speeds and performance. The McClaren F 1 can go the amazing speed of 226 miles per hour. Going this great speed must be the greatest rush in the world. You might as well race a drag car because that would be your only competition.

The McClaren F 1 can also go 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds and do the quarter mile in 9.6 seconds. If you put the petal to the metal your head will slam back into your seat and you will be flying in a matter of seconds. These amazing speeds and performance are pretty much the best you can get. The McClaren F 1 is a demonstration of pure speed. The McClaren F 1 has so many great things about it.

The McClaren F 1 has a V-12 engine. That is such a good example of great power. This super car engine is the best engine money can buy. The McClaren F 1 has only one seat in the front of the car. When you drive this beast it's only you and the shifter. You are pretty much the king of the world when you drive this amazing car.

This great car has better details than any other car, The McClaren F 1 is one of the most expensive cars in the world. The McClaren F 1 cost an incredible cost of 850, 00 to 1,500, 00 dollars. This is more money that I will see in my whole life. But if you are rich, you should buy this car. Bill Gates has this fastest streetcar in the world sitting in his garage. At some times I wish I were Bill Gates so I could have such an awesome car.

This car belongs on the racetrack, but you get the luxury of driving it legally on the street. The McClaren F 1's cost is high; fortunately you get what you pay for. The McClaren F 1 is an incredible car. This superb car has so many great things about it.

The McClaren F 1 is a combination of performance, looks, and record times. The McClaren F 1 is definitely worth every penny that you pay. In conclusion, if you are rich you should buy one of these amazing exotic cars.