Is McDonalds more competitive than Burger King Introduction I am comparing McDonalds and Burger King with each other to see which is most competitive. McDonalds and Burger King are both well-established restaurants over the world. They are also two of the most popular restaurants in the world. I will take surveys and look for information to show which of the two companies are most successful. Prices McDonalds on average is cheaper than Burger King.

McDonalds burgers are cheaper than Burger Kings on average. The McDonald extra value meals are also cheaper as they re 2.88 for any meal. Burger King sells the combination meals at higher prices and all are at different prices. These meals both consist of a burger, a drink and fries. All meals are under $5.00. Quality McDonalds fry their burgers and Burger King flame grilled their burgers.

A survey done by Burger King show that people think that flame grilled burgers taste better than fried burgers. Burger King also boast that their burgers are bigger than McDonalds. Product Range Burger King has a wider range of burgers but McDonalds have a wider range of deserts. The beverages are of the same range. Latest Offers Recently McDonalds have slashed the prices of their cheeseburgers and burgers by 25%.

Also they re introducing a new extra value meal you get two cheeseburgers, regular drink and regular fries for the usual 2.88 price. Burger King have just finished their buy one Whopper get one Whopper free offer. They have just started a new offer, buy one whopper and get small fries for free. Advertising I have seen both of the offers above on television adverts.

Both of the restaurants have their own web sites on the Internet. Though both of the web sites are based only on branches in the USA. Neither of the restaurants have web sites based around British branches Staff I went to both restaurants and asked members of staff what they thought of their job. They said mostly that they got paid too little as they were under 18. A member of staff at Burger King said that is was hard work and that they push you around a lot to be quicker. A member a McDonalds said that they liked their free meals.

McDonalds and Burger King workers can get a meal from their restaurant after working a certain amount of hours. Unique Selling Points McDonalds have Ronald McDonald who is a mascot which children like and they also have a wider range of deserts. McDonalds also have more popular toys with their Happy Meals. Burger King offer bigger burgers and flame grilled burgers and a wider range of deserts. Burger King also released their crunchier fries last year.

Results From Survey 20 people took part in my survey. These are my results shown below: 1 person was under 13 years old. 11 people were between 14-20.1 person was between 21-30.6 people were between 31-50.1 person was over 50.60% were male. 40% were female. 85% of people said that they preferred McDonalds. 15% of people said that they preferred Burger King.

95% of people said that McDonalds was nearest to them. 5% of people said that McDonalds was nearest to them. 10% of people had children under 13.100% of people with children under 13 said that they took they re children to the preferred restaurant as the children liked it best. I asked people why they liked this restaurant best and these were my results from the survey: (People were allowed to choose more than one reason) 18 said food tastes better. 12 said food was cheaper. 4 said the furniture was nicer.

5 said that the restaurant had better service. 2 said my children like it best. 16 said it was more convenient. Deductions from my results I believe that these results are a bit biased towards McDonalds as most were taken in Letchworth town centre which has got a McDonald's but not a Burger King.

Most people from my survey say that McDonalds is their preferred restaurant. Though all of these people said that McDonalds was the closest to where they lived. This is also probably why most of the people said that the restaurant was convenient. All of the people with children under 13 took their children to the restaurant because the children liked it best. This is probably due to the toys that come with the children's meals. My Views I think that Burger King has the best burger meal.

It is about a pound more than a McDonald extra value meal but the Double Whopper with cheese meal is the nicest meal out of the two restaurants. I would pay this extra amount for this meal. The only thing is that Burger King fries do not taste very good. McDonalds is the nearest to me so I am not biased towards the closest more convenient restaurant.

I also do not buy any deserts with my meals so I wouldn t go to McDonalds to buy a desert. I am not saying that McDonalds is bad, I just like Burger King more. I still buy McDonald food. Conclusions From my investigations I think each of the companies are very competitive especially with each other as they are battling to become the best fast food restaurant. From my survey results I can say that McDonalds is most popular and is better, even though I disagree with the results from my survey. I believe that there is no way of saying which is most competitive as they are always competing at a high level with each other.

When one brings out an offer the other does too. If I were to make a choice, I would say McDonalds were most competitive as they have a few more special promotional things such as the potato wedges promotion. Questionnaire On Burger King and McDonalds I am doing course work for business studies. I am doing this questionnaire to help me. I am trying to find out which of two companies are doing better.

The two companies are McDonalds and Burger King. Which age group do you fall into under 13 n 14-20 n 21-30 n 31-50 n 50+ n Are you male or female Male n Female n Which of these restaurants do you prefer McDonalds n Burger King n Which restaurant is closest to you McDonalds n Burger King n Do you have children under 13 Yes n No n If you answered yes to the above question do you take your children to this restaurant Yes n No n Why do you go to this restaurant Food tastes better n Cheaper n The furniture is nicer n Better service n My children like it best n Convenience n Other.