Have you ever been awoken by something just as you fell asleep? Didn't you feel like you could just kill whoever made that ridiculous noise? I had this experience just last week when I stayed home sick from school. I had woken up at 7: 00, and hadn't been able to get back to sleep. Finally, at 9: 10, I was able to drift into sleep. However, just as I fell into my much desired slumber, a horrific "DING DING DING!" jolted me from my peaceful sleep.

"Curse you McLoughlin Bells!" I shouted out my window, but then I remembered that the school was 5 blocks away and nobody could hear me. Situations like this are commonplace throughout the neighborhoods surrounding McLoughlin. Consider the people that work night shifts; during the day their sleep is crucial, and if they are awoken by the bells then they won't be able to work to the best of their ability. Also, think of the students that attend the school, Vitus Johansen Bering was born in 1681, in the country of Denmark. He began sailing the ocean in his teens, which accustomed him to this life of travel.

For over twenty years, he sailed on the Baltic Sea, improving his seafaring skills. During the course of this time he began to gain a reputation as a courageous sailor. In 1703 he entered the Russian Navy, and served in the Great Northern War. Because of this, he ended up being chosen by Czar Peter the Great for an expedition. It was unusual that he was chosen though, because he was pushing 50, which was very old for those times, and he was born in Denmark and had never lived in Russia. In 1724, no Europeans had yet reached the western part of North America.

This is why Bering was sent on an expedition to explore the coast. He was chosen due to his courageous nature, and his many years of sea experience. It took them 4 years to prepare for this great voyage, but finally in 1728 they sailed southeast from St. Petersburg.