Media Research assignment 1 Running Head: Discovering the World of Journals in Media Research Discovering the World of Journals in Media Research Class Michael J. Hro min 2/19/02 Media Research assignment 2 Running Head: Discovering the World of Journals in Media ResearchAbstractThis assignment consists of 4 journals, two of which were scholarly and the rest were trade journals. The objective of this assignment was to familiarize us on how to obtain and record data from different journals. This assignment will teach the class how to be efficient researchers in different media fields. Media Research assignment 3 Running Head: Discovering the World of Journals in Media Research Discovering the World of Journals in Media Research Class Since my related field is television production, I decided to use Broadcasting and Cable as my first scholarly journal. This journal is published by Reed Business Information (formerly Cahners Business Information) and is a leading provider of critical information and marketing solutions to business professionals in targeted industry sectors. Broadcasting and Cable is a great scholarly journal for anyone who works for a cable company on or off the production set of the business.

The journal informs readers on the latest technology such as Cameras, tape decks, lighting and televisions. The journal also informs us on current events in the broadcasting industry, for example the journal reviews how many satellite companies made money last year. I chose to summarize an article called "News Corp.'s Carey moves on". News Corp.'s Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey resigned because of a deal that went bad with Direct TV. News Corp was trying to make a deal with Direct TV in order to build a worldwide satellite distribution company.

If the deal went through for News Corp, it would have made them one of the most powerful entertainment industries in the world. Unfortunately someone else beat Chase Carey to the punch in buying Direct TV. Chase feels handing in his resignation will prevent News Corp from blaming him for the unsuccessful deal. Media Research assignment 4 Running Head: Discovering the World of Journals in Media Research The last scholarly journal I decided to use was Educational Technology. This journal is published by FNO (For Now On) Press, which makes a philosophical commitment to engaged learning, problem-based learning and Information Literacy. I chose this particular journal because my girlfriend is studying to be a teacher and I wanted to learn some statistics about her field.

The term Educational Technology refers to science-based knowledge. Its concerned about hardware and software systems that can help students learn in many different ways. Readers of this journal include anyone who interested in teaching children by using mechanical devices such as computers and video recorders rather then by using strictly lecture. I chose to summarize an article called "Online Learning Communities".

The article talks about how children can't deal with a learning environment besides the classroom. The article tells us that children might find it a problem to learn on an online forum. The child may loose interest greatly because of other elements on his or her computer may influence them to do other tasks, for instance play video games or chat with friends online. Media Research assignment 5 Running Head: Discovering the World of Journals in Media Research The first trade journal I used was Digital TV. This journal is published by United Entertainment Media, which is Built upon an information network of award-winning magazines, online communities and news wires, conferences and events, and marketing services, United Entertainment Media reaches more professionals worldwide than any other information resource.

In television production and film, everyone is switching to a digital format because of the high quality picture and sound. People who read this journal can be anyone who is interested in digital products and services. Digital TV is a great journal to discover how the technology is growing in the field of television and film for example; we can find advertisements on cameras that shoot digital film for high budget movies. I chose to summarize an article titled "A tape less Future". The article describes how already we have the technology to put whole recorded productions on a server. Meaning when we stage a television show, instead of taping the show, the footage would collect into a server digitally where it can be easily edited and broadcast ed at the touch of a few buttons.

Even though this process sounds very expensive, it would save a lot time and effort for broadcasting businesses. Media Research assignment 6 Running Head: Discovering the World of Journals in Media Research The last trade journal I used was Computer Graphics World. The publisher of this journal is Penn Well, which is a highly diversified media company providing authoritative print and online publications, conferences and exhibitions, research, databases, Internet-based services and other information products to strategic global markets. Since my hobby is computer graphics, there is a lot of information in this journal about new graphic capabilities.

It's a journal that reviews different computer components that private businesses use, for example the journal reviews high speed editing workstations like the Avid. The Avid is a piece of editing software that the regular computer user could not afford. I decided to summarize an article called "ATR's Pure Rendering Board". This article talked about how the company, Advance Rendering Technology (ATR) has created a slot card that can be installed into a computer for faster rending time of animation and graphics.

The slot card will save time for animators and graphic artists by giving them more time to create and make changes, rather then waiting hours for their work to be rendered. Media Research assignment 7 Running Head: Discovering the World of Journals in Media Research Reference: A Tape less Future. (2002, January). Digital TV, p. 30. ART's Pure Rendering Board. (2002, January).

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