Mens Mental Strength essay example

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Mental and physical strengths. What are these you ask; these are every human being. They are the foundation of every person. Without those strengths we would be nothing, worthless, not worth anyone's time. The men in the book, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, by Ken Kissy, thought that they were worthless, good for nothing people, but had a single man show them otherwise.

This man turned their lives around, some for the good, and some for the worst. This man was Randle Patrick McMurphy. Before McMurphy came along the men at the institute were worthless helpless people. Ms. Ratchet, know as the Big Nurse, made sure that the men never became anything more than nothing to prove her ruling abilities. After the arrival of McMurphy it became harder for the big nurse to keep control over her patients. "I'm saying five bucks to each of you that wants it if I can't put a betsy bug up that nurse's butt within a week". (p. 72) This was the start of McMurphy's plan to show the big nurse that she didn't have complete control over him or the other men.

He was going to show them that she "ain't so unbeatable as you think". (p. 72) McMurphy began to be the mens mental strength after he had seen what the big nurse had done to them. McMurphy had the men vote during one of their meetings to watch the World Series. He even had the majority vote, but the big nurse still wouldn't allow it. He rebelled against her by not doing his chores and staring at the blank tv. The other men quickly caught on and joined him on and around the couch. "I said, Mr. McMurphy, that you are supposed to be working during these hours", (p 138) McMurphy's plan was working.

He had showed the men that the nurse didn't have complete control. "You men - Stop this. Stop!" (p 138) The nurse tried to keep control but she knew deep down that she was beginning to lose it. Chief Broaden was the only person that McMurphy saw potential in. From the size physically of the chief, he knew that the chief's physical strength could be regained and used against the big nurse.

McMurphy helped the chief get his strength back by constantly complimenting on how the chief was getting bigger. McMurphy was playing a mind game on the chief so that he could be mentally strong enough to be physically strong again. During the first week of McMurphy's stay at the institute he had bet that he could life a control panel off the floor, and if he ever wanted to leave, all he would have to do is throw it out the window. The chief had remembered this after the death of McMurphy, and had decided to leave this place for good. "I heaved again and heard the wires and connections tearing out of the floor" (p 310), "I put my back toward the screen, then spun and let the momentum carry the panel through the screen and window with a ripping crash" (p 310). The chief had made his escape the way McMurphy had told him and the others how.

He had beat the big nurse. Because of McMurphy most of the men found strengths that were long lost and left the big nurse and her institute. The chief didn't find just his mental strength but also his physical strength. He used his strengths to leave the institute by force because he was one of the few that were actually committed. McMurphy, giving his life for the men, had freed them of their worries and showed them that they could be normal again out with others in society. The chief and the others will never forget what McMurphy had done for them.