Civics essay: Liberty, equality, security. All 3 are key values in a democracy. Which one is the cornerstone, the most essential value to be preserved? In our society, there are three main values that make us a democracy. The values of liberty, equality and security are the three, but which one is most important? Liberty makes us all free, equality makes us all fairly treated, and security keeps us safe.

All are key ingredients, but which do we need the least? Which do we need the most? Liberty- the freedom to choose; freedom from compulsion or constraint. Let's picture what our country would be without this. People could still be slaves that were born into slavery and didn't even have a say about freedom.

We would basically be what we were 2 hundred years ago before the civil war. People need liberty. The right to be free. Without it, we wouldn't be who we are today. Half of us might still be slaves while the other half sit like lazy bums all day while the others slaved away so that the owners could by the deluxe television set they " ve always wanted or a 4th car.

We need Liberty and there shouldn't be a person on earth that disagrees. Equality- the state or instance of being equal. What would our country be without it? Well, biased judges could be biased in favor or against certain people because of discrimination.

Racism would increase and there would be a lot of discrimination. In some places, white people would be hired and black people wouldn't be hired. And in other places, black people make twice as much as a white person when they both are doing the same job. Companies would have policies that ban gays or lesbians from working there.

Fights and riots about race and equal rights would break out everywhere. Women and men could also be discriminated. And there would be total chaos and riots would be breaking out 24/7. We really need this one. We would all be amidst major violence if we didn't. Security- protection or defense against attack, interference, espionage, etc.

We could be conquered easily and there wouldn't be a USA. People could also easily steal things and mug people and there would be no police force. We would all have to fend for ourselves and even if there was a court system, there is no police force to arrest a certain person. What are you going to do, lug a person with a gun pointed at your head to a court and charge him? No police force means no order. No order leads to complete and total chaos and violence.

Chaos and violence mixed together mean destruction. And destruction can lead to the downfall of a government. No security also means that no one will be protecting the U.S. or any of its officials. One or a small group of armed men could probably overthrow a government without guards or anything. Riots could destroy the government and then the U.S. would be a total anarchy without a government. Security is a thing that we totally need.

In conclusion, I find that all of these three values are essential. But which one is most important? I think that the most important of these values is security. Without it, there wouldn't even be a country. It would probably be part of the Soviet Union or something because they would have taken the U.S. over.

Which of the three values can we do without? We can't do without any of them. But if we took one out, which would lead to the most minimal consequences? I think that equality would have the least consequences. But, the U.S.A. has all three and the U.S.A. is still here, which proves that this system and these rights are working. I hope that there will never be a time in which we will have to remove any of these values.