Alcohol is one of the most addictive substances on the planet and also one of the most impairing physically. Most people have trouble doing the most basic of skills while under the influence of such a substance as alcohol. Driving under the influence of alcohol is probably one of the most idiotic things an individual can do. There are many reasons why this action is a bad one to take but three stand out most to me. The first that stands out is the damage that you can cause to your vehicle. The second is the injury and also punishment that you can put yourself through.

The third and I would say the most important is the pain, suffering and disruption that you can cause to the lives of others. In America the vehicle is one of the teenagers most valuable possessions. Most teenagers work very hard for their vehicles. In today's society though teenagers as well as adults forget about their hard work just for one night having a "good time".

After this one "good time" they hop into their valued car or truck and start off. Most of the teenagers think they are good and they can handle their liquor. But the fact remains that while they " re driving the littlest thing can distract them and with their slowed reaction time they run into a tree. Then they have just ruined one of their most prized things in life.

And after all their hard work and sweat put into this machine it is no longer any good to them. So for the "good time" they experienced they are willing to give up one of the most valuable parts of their lives. And also have to work extremely hard to get a new vehicle and because of their love of the good time they are willing to go through the same thing again seeing as how they, themselves were not hurt. Most teenagers don't realize or most don't care about the affects of alcohol on themselves. The human body responds to alcohol as a poison but for the feeling most teenagers will continue to pump this poison into themselves. Most don't think about what will become of certain organs of their bodies as a result of the alcohol.

For instance the liver can become permanently damaged resulting in either a transplant or death. Most also don't take into consideration the extremely large bills it can cost them. Like having to quit their jobs because of a suspended license. Or having to pay their own medical bills because of the wreck they were in. For most teenagers it's all about the fun at the moment and has nothing to do about what will happen in the big picture.

They worry so much about having that good time or fitting in that they just loose all consideration for themselves and risk everything for a bunch of poison in their bodies. One of the worst outcomes of drinking and driving is the possibility of injuring an innocent person because of your lack of reaction time while cruising at extreme speeds. Most teenagers don't think about the other people and how their good time can be the end to a person's life that was just out to get some food. From what I have seen most people in drunk driving accidents who have not been drinking are the one's that seem to always die. Either that or they are permanently paralyzed and will never have the satisfaction of walking again. This is bad enough to think about but most could not imagine causing an incident like this.

The psychological anxiety on the one at fault is enough to drive a person insane. So for just one night of having a good time you could ruin some one else's life. Also your own life could be ruined by the ruination of the other's life. Those three general outcomes of driving under the influence are enough to make anyone stop drinking and driving it would seem. In today's backward society that's just not the case. Those three outcomes are happening rapidly every day and yet the alcohol and driving is still mixed.

So the need for the DUI law is apparent. I feel that this law has and will continue to save lives of those who could be affected by a drunk driver. Instead that drunk driver has been put it his / her place by the DUI law and others similar to it..