Compare and Contrast Essay Flowers for Algernon Charlie Charlie is a character from the story Flowers for Algernon and the movie Charlie. He is mentally challenge. Here are some similarities and differences between the book and movie. Both the story and the movie are alike by many ways.

Charlie works in a factory as a janitor. The men he works with act like his friends but they really make fun of him. Charlie has a lucky rabbits foot that gives him courage. An experiment is done on Charlie so he would become smarter. Charlie is very angry because he races a mouse and the mouse wins. The mouse named Algernon also had the surgery done to him.

He works the machine in the factor and suddenly saves the factory thousands of dollars. Many are scared that he becomes smart so he is fired from his job. Then he finds out that Algernon the mouse has died and now Charlie is going to be mentally challenged again. Slowly Charlie's intellect goes. Charlie's teacher Mrs. Kinnian stops by his apartment to see how he is and he tells her to go away. Charlie is back to the way he was in the beginning.

The differences in the movie are when Mrs. Kinnian was married but her husband died and she has a fianc. Mrs. Kinnian was the person who told the doctors about Charlie's motivation. The doctor's who perform the operation was a female and a male. In the movie Charlie talks about his parents.

Instead of one of the doctors giving Charlie the tests, Mrs. Kinnian tests him. Every Sunday Charlie takes a bus tour. Algernon the mouse was brought to Charlie's room in his apartment. Where Charlie races him and wins.

Charlie writes on a little black board. Charlie gets a birthday present for Algernon. Charlie goes to Mrs. Kinnian house and spies on her. He knocks on her door, lets him in, and he attacks her because he likes her so much. After that Mrs. Kinnian goes to Charlie when she realizes she likes hi to. They are together and love each other.

Charlie goes to a restaurant and a boy who is mentally retarded drops all the glasses. The people around start laughing and Charlie gets up and helps the boy pick them up. The doctors who performed the operation explain to scientist about how Charlie became smart. Then he finds out Algernon is dead and runs away for a while. Charlie goes back to the laboratory and improves the experiment to work out right. Then Charlie refuses to take the operation.

Mrs. Kinnian asks Charlie to marry her but he refuses. The story is different from the movie because there were two male doctors. The doctor stated that Charlie would be good for the operation because he has the most motivation. Charlie has the operation and writes progress reports. Mrs. Kinnian and Charlie are just friends. But Charlie does like her.

He becomes incredibly smart. Charlie finds out that Algernon dies. He goes back to the factory and gets his job back. Charlie then knows that he well be mentally challenge again. He runs away from New York so no one will fell sorry for him. I liked the story because it was more interesting and the movie had a lot more information.

I liked them about the same. The one part I didn t like about the movie was when Charlie rides the motorcycle and then Mrs. Kinnian came to his room. I thought that part was confusing. I liked the part in the story when Charlie buried Algernon when he died and put flowers on his grave. This was a classic story with a bit of a twist.