Multi-Purposed Technology The Internet changed my life by enhancing my research and communication with others. By the using the Internet I am able to complete various assignments given by my College professors. The Internet service that I have is called America Online. American Online is a multi-purposed Internet service that allows me to do other things besides College papers. The Internet provides for me as another source of research for my college papers. With The Internet I can avoid leaving my place of study to conduct research, such as the library.

Included with the Internet I have a dictionary, thesaurus, and a word count to improve my papers before I turn them in. This features on the Internet makes it easier for me to write essay's and creates journals. Besides from writing papers for classes there are also other entertaining things to do on the Internet such as conversing online. With American Online I have the ability to do more then just research.

While surfing The Internet I have found auxiliaries activities to do in between papers, such as playing games and chatting online. One of my favorite game website to go to is Pogo. On Pogo two of my favorite games to play is Dominos and Spades. The Internet services are also more convenient for conversing online. Included with the Instant Messaging feature on America Online I can talk to multiple people at a time, I can conduct business, Richardson Page 2 And conduct tutorial consultation. Likewise I can write emails and also send text messages through the Internet.

Moreover, I have come to the conclusion that by having an Internet it is more accessible for research and for plethora of other things. I have also learned that every time I sign online it increases my knowledge, because the latest news always appear on the welcome screen. It is astonishing when you think about how much information you can consume just by surfing the Internet. There is so much you can learn thanks to the knew technology I can now Study and do all sorts of activities in the comfort of my on home. Now that I have discovered the different features the Internet has to offer I plan on utilizing the Internet a lot in the near future.