This seemed to be just like a normal Thursday afternoon as I was getting home from high school. I took out the horrible stench garbage. (We had had salmon; threw it in the garbage and just let it sit all day, ) and fed my little doggie Alpo with burgers and cheese flavoring. Next I took my little nap, and I was strangely woken up by the hard slam of the front door. I was thinking, "What's going on?" My brother was running like a champion in the 100 meters at me, telling me stuff I couldn't even comprehend. After I told my tall lanky brother to slow down, he finally said that Dad had a huge surprise for us later on in the day.

After the 110 degree temperatures of Phoenix finally came down, my dad got home from the sweaty work of construction. He asked us to sit down so he can take a shower and get the beads of sweat off of him. When he finally got out my dad told us that he has three tickets for us to none other than Oakland, California. You " re probably thinking Oakland, California? What's so great about that place? Well, the Oakland Raiders play there and the tickets were to a football game against the Kansas City Chiefs, who are the Raiders very bitter rivals, and my brother's favorite team.

My brother and I were so excited as if we just won the lottery. We kept telling our friends where we were going, and they were so jealous. Included in the trip to Oakland was a visit to San Francisco to check out what's going down in there. The farthest I've ever been out of Arizona would have to probably be Las Vegas. We never go on vacations or drive to see family; it seems as though our family is always the ones coming down here.