What makes a hero? It's not necessary someone with super powers or someone who save lives every day. To me a hero can be described as a person who thinks of others before themselves. Someone who would risk it all just to help a person out, and it doesn't have to be something important, it could be just driving them to a designated place or helping them out with school. My personal hero is my brother Tim. He always, always thinks of others before himself, he isn't selfish and he isn't bitter, he just does what he can to help you out.

As I said it's nothing too big it's just the thought of him helping me out when I am in a predicament with something or someone. He always has the right answers and he is always there to listen. He's like Super Man without all the powers. For example, I was in a shitty mood one night and he asked me what was wrong... I simply said that I was "just pissed off at the world for some reason".

He replied, "why be pissed off at the world when the world has done nothing to you? You generate your own problems and you fix your own problems". I look at him as if he is one of God's "special people". But the more of think of it today he was right! I made my own problems and I simply fixed them. It's not a difficult task and from this I learn to correct myself before I make more problems to have to come back later and fix them.

It's easy I just catch myself when I am in a bad situation. Another example of this was when one of my dumb ass friends came over and I was in the kitchen making hot pockets and he was in the other room looking at our pellet gun. (Obviously this is going to be a bad situation) So, I'm in the kitchen cooking me up a nice old fashion Meatball Mozzarella hot pocket when I hear the pressure of the pellet release from the gun. (It's a very distinctive sound that would make me look like a jackass if I explained it on here so bear with me. So ask me sometime) and then I hear something come out of his mouth that's illegal in 49 states... I run into the room and he is all bloody.

It turns out the dumb shit was pointed the gun at something and pulled the trigger, hits off something metal, comes back and hits him the head. So I'm trying to refrain from using bad language and urging to kick his ass... Because what does it make it look like? It makes it look like I shot him. So blood is oozing out of his head and I am thinking of what to do... So instead of making more problems for myself I thought to myself what would Tim do in this situation?

I rush to the phone and call his mother, phones busy. Then I call my next door neighbor the Men kes, the phone is busy. Well now I am in a shit for a problem, so I have to run up into our barn and get our truck and drive him over to the Menke's. I figured that would be the next best thing to do. Snow is still on the ground and I am driving a truck that is rear wheel drive and I get stuck at the top of the hill... Guess who drives by?

My brother Tim, it turns out that he was coming out to get me to help me with devil stuff "geometry". So he picks us up and drives me and the bloody kid over to the hospital and of course he has to keep bloody kid calm so he doesn't go into shock and pass out. So he is driving an automobile at 80 mph in a 55 and talking to bloody kid and keeping me from kicking bloody kids ass... "Jon settle down its just an accident, nothing is going to happen to you, you " ll be fine". See that's kind of thing that separate my brother and I, he always thinks about someone else before he thinks of himself. We " re two different people, it's amazing.

So we are rushing to the hospital and we arrive, Sean the bloody kid is passed out. So my brother has to carry him. My brother isn't a very big guy maybe "5'10" 165. Whereas Sean is "6'1" 185, so my brother tosses Sean over his shoulders and runs him into the hospital, so he is slipping and sliding on the packed down snow with a beast on his shoulders, managing to keep his balance. He is as graceful a deer, without the four legs...

He runs into the hospital and they immediately they give him a room for Sean. So they pull out the ammonia and put under his nose and he wakes up from his temporary coma. It turns out Sean is fine and he gets a few stitches. My brother and I leave and Sean waits in the emergency room waiting for his parents to arrive. We head back into Darr town, my brother covered in blood and me in the fetal position in the back seat of the car. He was fine after all and it was my brother that saved the day again.

He truly is amazing and I will always admire his fast thinking and courage to do the right thing in even the most difficult situations. With Tim you never know what he will do next to help you out. This is a situation that will be forever engraved in my mind. What he did was the best thing; I can't even describe how I felt about this. It was my 16th birthday and I just got back from hockey game and it was late, about 9 o'clock and I was pissed because I got thrown out of a game for fighting (I won by the way) but I was just mad. I see these signs all over the house and they say "no drinking unless you " re 21 or older, and in like 6 point font it says unless it's Jon.

So I go into my brothers room and he has this smirk on his face and I say, a hell no! It turns out that my brother and his roommates are throwing a party for me. I walk out of my brothers room and like 50 people are there and they start singing "Happy Birthday" and I start to tear up because this was the sweetest thing my brother had ever done for me. It was the best night of my life.

He always does things that amaze me. I don't know how he does it or how he thinks. He is just the most amazing person. I could go on for hours talking about my brother, but since we have requirements with this essay, I will just explain the most memorable moments like I have above.

I love my brother and I wish I knew how he does the things he does, he is the most important role model in my life. I wish he knew how much I love him and how much he means to me. I would do anything for him. In conclusion I think that a hero is a special role model in someone's life, it doesn't have to be a super hero and it doesn't have to be someone who is big and buff. A hero to me can simply be described above about my brother and if he can't be classified as a hero than I don't know what a hero can be defined as. My hero is my brother and I know it sounds cheesy but its true, my brother and I have the most important bond in the world.

He's not only my hero but my best friend.