Dreams Dream A DREAM Dreams are a most extraordinary thing. They can be happy, sad, scary, or even deadly, you never know. They are so unpredictable, and yet so ratifying. No one knows where they really come from. But if they came from any place, I think it would have to be the stars. I believe there is a star in the sky for everyones dreams, and a twinkle for everyones thoughts.

Here is one of my dreams, one of my thoughts. Here is my star. I am in the forest, and I can see a long narrow trail leading to nowhere. I try to look ahead as far as I can, but the forests mass canopy forbids it. I then start to walk, not knowing where or why, I just walk. I can start to hear faint sounds of a birds chirping.

I listen closer, and the chirps start to sound like a childs voice. The child is singing a song, a beautiful song of joy, and good times. This moment of peace is short lived Ellis 2 though, and the childs voice stops. The trees start to whisper as they dance in the breeze. It is almost as if they are mocking me. They make me feel like I don't belong.

The wind picks up, and the trees start to laugh, at least it seems. I continue to walk as autumn ridden leaves cross my path. The already low sun begins to sink behind the hills, even faster than before. I start to worry and begin to run.

The darkness is chasing me. I speed up, but it isn't fast enough. .. Everything is dark, and the shadows call out to me. I come back to reality.

I find myself in a field, near an old grey, half shingled house. It is too dark to tell, but I can almost make out a small figure near the house. I walk towards the figure, and when I get there, nothing. The darkness makes me feel lonely, I am scared.

My emotions overcome me, and I fall to the ground. The grass is wet, like a morning dew. By now the wild wind has died down to a cool breeze. I can see the figure in the distance, it looks like a small child. She stands there along the tree line, and I can almost hear her song again. The sweet sounds echo in my heart.

I slowly get up, and start to walk towards the child. She giggles, and runs off into the woods. Once again I find myself running. Running no place, in no Ellis 3 particular direction. The trees get closer and closer until they suck me in. I am lost and it is dark, but I continue to run.

The sharp tree branches, like hands with knives, cut at me. The cuts are deep and it hurts to move. I am stubborn and I continue to follow the sounds of the small child. I slow down, almost to a crawl. I suddenly become too weak to move, but for some reason I push myself foward.

The childs voice is so illusive, I must catch up to her. No matter how hard I try, I still can't seem to gain. Once again the darkness takes over. I want to give up, and as I am about to, I hear her sweet song. This time it is much closer.

I turn around, and there she is. Like an angel she stands before me, not saying a word. I look at her in awe, and she then takes my hand. As she leads me through the shadows I feel calm and secure. I am suddenly blinded by a radiant light and I become faint. When I come to I am on a beach.

The sun is out, and small clouds add character to the otherwise blue sky. The small child is gone, but I can still feel her with me. Her song still echoes perfectly in my heart, and I no longer feel any pain. I look behind me, only to find miles a pon miles of water and sandy shore.

I am dumbfounded by the fact that there is no for set of any kind, any where. I end up spending the rest of the day there. Swimming Ellis 4 in the crystal clear water, eating the most lucio us fruits, and never having a care in the world. The day all to soon comes to an end, I lay down in the sand, and look at the stars. .. After that point, I wake up.

Until this day, that dream still puzzles me. What was the girl supposed to represent? Why did my dream start out so dark, so evil? I still often have dreams about some of those same events, but each time my questions grow. That was one of my dreams, one of my stars, one of my thoughts.