Why do people set personal goals? Do they believe if they set them, then they can accomplish them? I believe that setting realistic goals and striving to accomplish them, then you can do it. I set goals for myself everyday.

Whether it is something simple or something a little bit harder. When I achieve the goal I set out to complete I feel gratified. Right now I have quit a few goals that I would like to accomplish. My main goals right now are getting my bachelor's degree, having a better relationship with my family, and helping out others that are less fortunate. My main goal at this time is obtaining my bachelor's degree from the University Of Phoenix. I am already working towards this goal because I am currently enrolled in classes.

Since I was a child I have always wanted to go to college. At the time I finished high school there were many obstacles in my way of pursing my education. I began to work at the University of Phoenix right after I graduated from high school. I basically got comfortable with the working environment and put my education on the back burner. Finally I decide it was time to get back into school because the longer I would have waited the harder it would have been in the long run.

Now in the 21st century without a college education you can not go too far. That is why I knew this was something I had to do. I am going to continue until I graduate not only with a bachelor's degree but will continue until I can. Whether that is a master's degree or a doctoral degree. I will complete this goal because I know I can!