My older brother and his friend often meet each other every week in the evening at our home. Both are single. My brother friend usually stays about one and half hours long that I think I can observe them as a dyad. My brother name is Huy.

He is tall about five feet ten, quite thin, but cute. He learns and memorizes a lot world history especially Vietnamese history and of course he is a Vietnamese guy. My brother graduated High- school in 1994 in Vietnam; nevertheless, he has rather learned traditional Chinese dance since he was a child about eleven years old. Now he continues his experience and wants to open a dance school located at little Saigon mall. Besides being a greater dancer he is also a good piano classical musician. He plays piano very well.

I believe my brother has a good insight, for he often gives out deep thoughts. Once he told me that "changing the way you think you will change your life, keep on the way you think you will keep on getting what you are getting". I know that is an obvious statement but he gave me many convincing and interesting examples as well. The other one of the dyad is my brother's friend. I met him almost six months ago but I rarely talk to him; however, in order to do this assignment, I just talk to him last night and get to know his background as well as I can.

He is older than my brother, friendly, flexible, and a good listener. He is twenty-eight years old, pretty cute, and look like a successful man. He came to the United State since 1995. His name is Dung.

I can tell that he is a hard worker. In the United State, at the same time he had been going to 4-year college and working part time for Booing, an electronic Company. He just graduated university in last couple week. 1994.

He is a great student, his GPA was 3.98. He attended in Cal Poly and his major is Electrical Engernering. Dung can be considered as a happy person, with his smile often appear on her face. I believe that most people will be interested when talking to him, and Dung first met my brother at my brother's school before.

Later on Dung often comes in my house and become a friend of my family. Most of the conversations are with Huy, my older brother. They talk about politic, sport, dance, business, the advantages and disadvantages of America culture. Sometimes they talk about what they feel in doing their jobs, in being single. Rarely Dung and his girlfriend come into my house and I have never heard about he tells me about him. Maybe Huy and Dung are used to be single.

Their conversations usually take place in the family room. It maybe convenient because the big family room is quite large that they can talk loudly and sit comfortable anywhere on the floor which is put on a very clean, thick, and soft carpet. A long, soft sofa occupies a place. One end of the sofa is having a 27 inches TV, which is often turned on by me. My house is located nearby a venue, for some times we can hear noises from vehicles especially from motorcycles. Surprisingly one noise that always pushes them near of the family room that is when the washing machine is working.

The machine is put at the end of the family room's corner. The sofa is the ideal place for me to observe them. I will pretend that I am watching TV and I will be close enough to observe adequately their behaviors. In order to get their real behaviors I would not tell them that I am paying attention to them.