Sensation and Reality How would my life be if I could not see the beautiful stars at night, or if I was unable to smell and taste my favorite Italian dish, penne ala vodka, or could not listen to a Beastie Boys album, or even feel the warm sand under my feet when I'm at the beach. I know that my life would be extremely different for me if just one my senses did not all function. The one sense that I feel like would be almost impossible to live without would be my vision. In order to perform daily life activities a major requirement is that people should be able to see. I am a very independent person and I feel like that if I lost my sight my life would go through significant changes. The first major change that would occur in my life would be that I could not drive my self any where; I would be dependent on people bringing me places such as school, shopping, and any where else that requires a car to take me.

Sports are a big part of my life either if I am watching them on television or actually playing them competi vely. I enjoy playing soccer, basketball, skiing, and mountain biking, it is hard to imagine being able to do these things at the level that I am used to if I were blind. Losing my sight would probably bring to my attention that I probably took it for granted. I think that if I lost my I sense sight my other senses would probably enhance themselves in order to over compensate for not being able to see. I would probably be able to hear, feel, and smell better. I feel that my body would react to me not being able to see by strengthening my other senses.

Even with my improved senses I feel I would not be able to function without the help of people. I think that if I lost the ability to feel heat, cold or pressure life would be a bit strange at first but after a while I would probably be able to adapt. I would think people would have to let me know if something was to hot or to cold to be touched a not to hurt my self. For example if I was around the kitchen my mom my say not to lean on the stove because it is on, if I accidentally do so I might get burned and even though I would not feel the pain it would leave a scar. People would have to tell me how to dress in relation to the weather so I would not get sick. When I was growing up in Portugal if something caused me pain it was usually my fault.

My parents most of the time yelled at me for doing what ever I did to my self and told that next time I would think twice before acting. There obvious approach to not babying me every time I got physically hurt helped me later on in life by making me a tougher person..