Ned Kelly essay example

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Ned Kelly (1854-1880) Nature Of the crimes Ned Kelly committed. In April 1878, a police officer called Fitzpatrick accused Ned's mother of attacking him and Ned of shooting him in the wrist. On the 26 October 1878, together with friends, Joe Byrne and Steve Hart, they came across police camped at Stringy Bark Creek. Ned believed the police intended to kill him and Dan so he called on them to surrender.

But three of the officers resisted, and in the fight which followed Kelly shot them dead. The reward for Kelly and his gang rose to two thousand pounds and would later rise to an amazing eight thousand pounds, the equivalent, today, of nearly two millions dollars! But Ned had many supporters and for almost two years they helped the gang dodge police. During this time the Kelly gang robbed two banks. (while he was 16) The robberies were important in the making of the Kelly legend. In defying authority, robbing the rich and by not taking any more lives the gang fitted the popular image of brave and bold bush rangers. Ned Kelly was a thief, he stole mostly from the rich and gave to the poor, he kept innocent civilians hostage and killed policeman, mostly to be a rebel and to defy the law, once he ran away and made the 'Kelly Gang' if they went back to there hometown they would of either been shot of arrested, so had to steal to survive.

Ned Kelly's parents were outlaws, so naturally Kelly thought it was ok to thieve, kill and defy the law. Ned was first ed Gabled at 14, a chinese man name Ah Fook called at the Kelly house and asked for a drink of water, Ned sister Annie, gave him creek water, but he wanted water from the roof-tank. He abused Annie, so Ned chased him off the property with a stick. Ah Fook accused Ned of assaulting and robbing him. The police believed Ah fook, and Ned spent 10 days in the lock-up until the charges were dropped for lack of evidence. When Ned was 15, a bushranger known as Harry Power wer.

Ned was keeping an eye of for the horses and looking after them. The police captured him and held him in the Kyneton gaol without trial. Ned was just 25 years old when he was hanged. The next day, his head was cut off, and his brain was removed by medical students What remained of his body was buried in unconsecrated ground by the gaol wall. Ned kelly was a leader of men. Had he lived today, he might have been the captain of an AFL or Rugby League football team, a businessman or a politician.

He was handsome, intelligent and a skilled bushman - an outstanding horseman and a crack shot. He worked hard and was well liked, especially by the women because he was polite and he respected them. He love his children and, above all, he loved his family. Ned Kelly became famous because he was polite to the ladies, defied the law for many years, sometimes even innocent, he was an excellent bushman, had an interesting life and family. He was jailed many times, hated by the police, he stole from the rich and gave to the poor including his family. He wore very heavy metal armour which made him very clumsy, at first people thought he was the devil or something not human..