Is it always the teenagers to blame? If one teen does some thing bad, or happens to break the law, does that mean all teens do it. Do teens not get nailed for everything gone wrong; not just in the family but in every thing else. Such as driving; every time there is a car accident involving teenagers, it has to be on the news. In BC there must be a thousand car accredits a day, and not all of them involve teenagers; but why does every accident on the news have to be about teens. In life today, teens have it very hard, and now that the new rules have come out it makes a teens life harder.

Furthermore, the new rules make your licence very hard to get. You now have to have a learners permit for 1 year. That now keeps early graduates, from being able to drive. Grade 12's, who also haven't got their learners won't be able to drive.

Not being able to drive after high school is a very big inconvenience. When people have to find other ways of getting around when going to college it makes life harder than it already is. Especially when you also have a job to go to. Under these conditions, it is a lot of work to get your license. In addition to the new N rules, there can only be one passenger, that is not family. That is also another very big inconvenience.

Since that rule has come out, you can't bring 2 of your friends to the movies, or give them a ride some where. That's not the only thing included to the new N's. You now have to keep the N for 2 years. Which means stiff penalties and higher insurance. Another thing that makes the new rules not fair, is that other people with their N's, who go it before the new rules came in affect, are exempted from them. Now there are people driving around with people and others who are not aloud to bring any one with them.

Thirdly, with these new rules in effect, there is going to be more pollution because, of no car pooling. Driving schools will loss money because, less people will take the course to cut the time down. Which makes the driving school lose a lot of money. The thing most important about all the new rules, is who made them? the government didn't. Insurance companies and police made them. Who gave them the power to make rules, they don't have the authority to do that.

The new rules were brought out of no where and thought of poorly. If they had thought about them before just throwing them in affect, there would be less commotion. In conclusion, the new driving rules are not even fair to all teens. They were not even thought of very well, and insurance companies don't have the right to make rules. Now that people have to keep a learners permit for a year, people who are heading to college will not be able to drive, which can be very important. These rules are not very fair and maybe should have been made a little more reasonable.