Nine Mice By: Jack Prelutsky Nine mice on tiny tricycles Went riding on the ice, They rode in spite of warning signs, They rode despite advice. The signs were right, the ice was thin, In half a trice, the mice fell in, And from their chins down to their toes, Those mice entirely froze. Nine mindless mice, who paid the price, Are thawing slowly by the ice, Still sitting on their tricycles... nine white and shiny m icicles. The New Kid on the Block By: Jack Prelutsky There's a new kid on the block, And boy, that kid is tough, That new kid punches hard, That new kid plays real rough, That new kid's big and strong, With muscles everywhere, That new kid tweaked my arm, That new kid pulled my hair. That new kid likes to fight, And picks on all the guys, That new kid scares my some, (that new kid's twice my size), that new kid stomped my toes, that new kid swiped my ball, that new kid's really bad, I don't care for her at all. The Ice Cream Fountain Mountain Anonymous There are so many different flavors to find, It gets harder and harder to make up my mind, How can I ever decide on which kind?

There's raspberry ripple, Marshmallow drip, Peppermint flagpole, Apple tooth chip; Macaroon pickle, Chocolate cheese, Pumpernickel cherry, Salami freeze; Blueberry tweed, Maple nut mink, Orange ice pizza, Raisin rum fink; Blackberry tuna, Tiddledy plum, Tomato toffee, Chrysanthemum-yum; Banana blubber, French fried nectarine, Turtleneck taffy, Drip-dry tangerine; Cinnamon spasm, Pistachio burp, Cantaloupe clam, Slime of lime slurp; Nesselrode yo-yo, Butterscotch tape, Frenzy of apricot. Barefooted grape; Wheat germ parfait, Wall-to-walnut sludge, And the special today Is frankfurter fudge. A Commercial for Spring Anonymous Tired of slush and snow and sleet? Then try this dandy calendar treat! It's the scientific sunshine pill Without that bitter, winter chill. It's mild, relaxing, naturally grown, It's something that you " ll want to own.

It comes in the handy three-month pack: March, April, May-or your money back. You " ll like its longer, lighter ways, You " ll loiter, linger through its days. So ask for S-P-R-I-N G, you " ll never regret it; Remember the name, It's headed for fame., Be the first on you block to get it! Jelly Fish Stew By: Jack Prelutsky Jellyfish stew, I'm look for you, I dearly adore you, Oh, truly I do, You " re creepy to see, Revolting to chew, You slide down inside, With a hullabaloo.

You " re soggy, you " re smelly, You taste like shampoo, You bog down my belly with oodles of goo, Yet I would glue noodles And prunes to my shoe, For one oozy spoonful Of jellyfish stew. Castanet Clicks By: Pat Mora Uno, dos one, two baskets blue. Tres, cuatro three, four one bell more. Cinco, seis five, six castanet clicks. Siete, ocho seven, eight copper plates.

Nuevo, diez nine, ten count again. Strawberries By: Francisco X. A larc " on Sweet Dulce's Tender Corazon es Oh! Left by ni~nos Working The fields Ode to Mail By: Francisco X. Alarcon Padre Madre Gift from The sun Earth Agua Air Light Negro Amarillo Rojo Y blanco Your tender ears Are born Pointing To the sky Mis manos Will harvest Your veiled Big smiles Dancing Paper By: Pat Mora Let's fill the room with laughing Before our friends arrive. We " ll bring the colored paper. The room will come alive.

Let's start with the pi~nata. The air will sway and swing. We " ll sting papel pica do To start its fluttering. I'll fling the serpentinas, Toss coils in the air. We " ll add marimba music, Start dancing everywhere.

Remember cascarones, To hide will be in vain. Egg-bursts of bright confetti Will shower us like rain.