Next Valentines Day essay example

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Love is Operated The 14th is just like any other ordinary day of the year to most people, until you add February to the front of it. But what is February 14th? Valentine's day, of course! The day of all things red and heart-shaped, frilly white lace, and delectable chocolaty treats, not to mention those ever so popular conversation heart candies. It's a day where people express to each other what they mean to one another, as well as come together to celebrate their relationship, which I would know nothing about. You see I've been single on every Valentines Day for the past eighteen years of my life.

I get no chocolate caramel filled candies, no tokens of my lovers' appreciation, and lastly, no cheesy Hallmark cards. On the 14th of February there is a sudden change in the environment that I can detect. I watch couples walking around hand in hand embracing each other, whispering sweet nothings into one each others ears. It frankly makes me want to vomit, on occasion, but on the other hand I wish I could be whisked away at that moment by the man of my dreams- just for that particular day. On no other day of the year do I feel such self-pity for, and I have no clue why. I suppose I'm wishing to be in the shoes of some lucky girl with her tall, dark, and handsome mate.

I guess I would consider myself a lucky girl up until about three unlucky days ago when one the most devastating ordeals in my life took place. "And what was that?" you might ask. Well it all started about five long months ago. While browsing through America Online profiles one lonely day, I came across " The Pimp 52400 His amusing screen name and profile prompted me to send out an instant message to him without delay. Within minutes of conversation with him, I realized we had many things in common, aside from sharing the same October 16th birthday. We were both attending college he was an aspiring doctor attending a private school up north and I was studying Physical Therapy here at the University of Michigan.

Several weeks slowly passed by, and I continued talking to " The Pimp", otherwise known as Mike. After about three weeks, we both suggested talking over the phone and even meeting eventually, since we were both from the Flint area. We decided on a date: Borders for coffee and conversation, which turned out great. Well, to make a long story short, we ended up dating for about five bliss- filled months. Within that time period, we really opened up to each other. This was my first love, as well as boyfriend, and my first Valentine's day not being alone and desperately single- or so I thought.

At this point I believed that nothing could ever go wrong, but boy was I wrong. After we dated for five months and had no monstrous arguments, it finally happened the big confrontation. After I deliberated, debated, argued, and cried for over two hours on the phone with Mike he finally hit me with that phrase all girls madly in love dread; "Let's just be friends" or in other fateful words", I'm dumping you". He explained to me that he was just too busy to have a relationship at the moment and that school and work were more important to him than having a girlfriend. Which I suppose some may agree and justify him. Just when I thought I'd actually have a boyfriend on Valentines Day for the first time in my life, I was cruelly disposed of at twenty eight days, four hours, and six minutes before the "big day".

I assume that being dumped is something that will eventually happen to everyone at some point his or her life though. Getting dumped isn't the end of the world, although it seemed like that for several days after the break up. The initial "why me!" and the over-eating half a gallon of Edy's Double fudge brownie ice cream surpassed after a few days. I guess I was just hoping for something that was never truly there.

I was hoping for someone to share that special day with for once in my boyfriend-less eighteen years of life. Maybe someday I'll find that extraordinary individual in the next few months or years and have the most exhilarating Valentines Day ever. Or maybe it's just that Valentines Day is not all about love or appreciation, but a holiday over-popularized and capitalized by Hallmark and Hershey. All in all, my goal is to have a special someone by next Valentines Day to share it with.