Personal Goals as a University of Phoenix Student I am currently a Cost Accounting Supervisor with Matsushita Avionics in Lake Forest. I'm very good at what I do and have never felt that not having a degree, or much college at all has ever held me back. I have held positions as Accounting Manager and Controller in the past. I actually took a great deal of pride in the fact that I had gotten this far completely on my own, without that piece of paper. My career goal or challenge was always to see what leave I could achieve next without a degree. Recently, as our department grows with the addition of degree accountants, that I may have skills close to or equal to theirs, but they possess many skills that I don't have.

Some of the areas where they excel and I am lacking are communication skills, organizational skills, presentation, and professionalism. I believe that these are the skills that can only come from attending college and getting a degree. In my company, and most other companies today, without these skills you can't go too far. Though we probably have similar levels of accounting knowledge and skills, their degree is very evident. The long term goal I have set for myself at the University of Phoenix is to get my degree. Though I have only just started the time and commitment that is necessary to complete this program is obvious and somewhat overwhelming, but I'm committed to completing the program and graduating.

Once I have completed my degree, my career is the next goal. Of course I would like to make more money, but just as important to me is to have an exciting posit that will challenge me. By a applying the newly acquired skills with my vast experience, I believe I can achieve my goal.