Good morning class. Jimmy why are you looking so down? Cheer up guy everything is going to be alright. Don't tell yourself you can't do it because then you " ll really start to believe you can't. You have to focus on the positives. You spend to much time focusing on what you did wrong.

No one's perfect. People always find a way to look at there downsides instead of there upsides. This is very common in the world today. My topic today is be positive.

I am here to inform you about how a person should maintain having healthy thoughts about themselves. My specific purpose is to inform you on how to spend more time on what you do well and less time on what you don't. The reasons why I chose this topic is because I was very curious to see how staying positive can make one's lifestyle better and easier than a person who is always negative. You should be interested in my topic because you will learn why it is important to be positive and why being positive can make your life so much better. Studies show that the average person thinks something about them is ugly or needs to be changed. This is very common and there is nothing wrong with that but some people take it to far.

For example some people take it as far as changing there appearance or even committing suicide. Some people may not feel that they are appealing to the world so they may get plastic surgery on that area but they must look at there situation as God made all of us for a reason and even though someone may not think that they are attractive there is someone for everyone. Others may feel that they are not smart enough because they keep failing a test but sometimes they may not study hard enough. People must keep trying and never give up because there only hurting themselves. If they hang in there things will eventually work out.

Patience is very important in being positive. These little things can lead up to being something so powerful in the end. You have to make sure you stay positive because you never know when you may encourage someone else to follow in your footsteps. If a person sees that you don't let things bother you then may be moved by that and try not to let things bother them.

Being positive is someone that needs to always be done. Things take time and just because things don't move as fast as you want them to does not mean it won't happen. If someone is dieting and they don't lose the weight they thought they should in a certain amount of time it doesn't mean that it won't happen. It just may not have kicked in right away. Don't give up or think you can't do it. Stay positive and tell yourself that you can make it happen.

Being negative just provides more stress and can cause you to quit for good. It is important to stay positive because it can cause you to be more calm. If you are always negative and stressed you will be more liable to snap and say something mean to someone then if you are calm. For example when you are calm and positive you tend to say nice things and do nice things.

A compliment is always good because it can cheer up a person or make them happy. You never know when your words may put a smile on someone's face. Being mean or nasty to someone can lead to a confrontation. Being positive to you others shows a lot about who you are inside. Even though you may not always feel like saying something nice or doing something nice it may benefit you in return.

Don't complain about things because it only makes it worst. If you care for yourself and treat yourself with respect you will do the same to others. In conclusion being positive can make your life so much easier. Keep your head up and if you find a flaw don't worry about it.

Admire yourself and your life. People must think highly of themselves because thinking positive and having confidence can take you far. No one wants someone who feels there no good or doesn't believe in themselves. So be positive, think happy thoughts and you will see a change in how you act and how much others enjoy being around you.