Plot: After being at ingolstadt A while dr Frankenstein decides to put what his learnt to good use so he starts the creation of "Frankenstein" after many months of sleep less nights he finishes he's creation who dosent take kindly to him or so he thinks so he flees his apartment. It's awhile till he sees his creation again at the night of Dr frankenstein return to his home he sees his creation again climbing swiftly up the side of mont's aleve and then suspects that he is the one who murdered William who was murdered shortly before his return home after an innocent is evicted of the murder of William and killed Dr Frankenstein has had enough and goes off in search of his creation to put an end to it before it can do any more evil. wh Theme Setting Style: The novel is written from a 1st person perspective this is done because the writer of this novel tries to go into as much detail as possible of the characters actions and situations. The story is only seen from two characters perspectives Dr Frankenstein and his creation the choice of which of these characters the story is being told from doesn't make to much of a difference but it was good to see the story from the creations point of view even though he learned to understand human language very quickly from just observing them talk and read etc. This novel is mostly prose but also contains a series of letters I think this novel Summary: I didn't really like this novel because it used lots of "complicated" words which even though I understood most of them I found to be really annoying as there are words which could be used instead and would make much more sense and wouldn't take you as long to read.

I also didn't like this novel because it was sort of a auto biography which was pretty boring at some parts especially at the start it's very slow to get going anywhere the book is always mentioning, in extreme detail, irrelevant objects or purposeless actions of the characters. For instance; they are walking awkwardly. After reading scores of pages like this, the reader gets bored out of his / her brains. Also, only twice during the entire book is the story even somewhat suspenseful. And only once is there any action, and that didn't come until late in the story. However the words were probably as they are because of the time period of which this book was originally written.

I would recommend this novel to older people probably age 18+ as I don't really think that it would appeal to younger people. I would give this novel a rating of 7.5/10.