According to O. Henry, the twists that life takes teaches the readers that everything will not go the way they wanted or they thought it would be. Nothing is predictable in real life. All most all of O. Henry's short stories proves my statement. "The Last Leaf" is a great story that written by O. Henry. This story is about a young girl named Johnsy who catches pneumonia, and lost all her hops to live.

Johnsy and her friend Sue were roommates. They both liked to paint. Sue and Johnsy had their studio. At the time when Johnsy catches pneumonia Mr. Behrman the painter who lived in the ground floor beneath them also had pneumonia. Mr. Behrman did not care about his disease. Johnsy was always saying that she is going to die soon.

At the end of the story Johnsy survived from pneumonia and Mr. Behrman died from pneumonia. At the end, Sue told Johnsy that, "Look out the window, dear, at last ivy leaf on the wall. Didn't you wonder why it never fluttered? or moved when the wind blew? An darling, it's Behrman's masterpiece- he painted there the night that the last leaf fell". (17) "The Gift of Magi" is an another story that written by O. Henry. 2 This is a story that has deep meaning of love and giving.

Jim and Della are married. They loved each other very much. They both decided to give gift each other for Christmas. Both Jim and Della didn't have the money to buy the gifts.

To buy the gift Della cut and sold her beautiful hair. She bought a chain for Jim's watch using the money that she got from selling her hair. At the end Jim came home with the gift that he bought for Della, and he notice her hair. He became sad when he saw her hair because he sold his watch to buy her a set of combs. The gifts wasn't useful for any of them". Of all who give and receive gifts such as they are wisest.

Everywhere they are wisest they are the magi". (27) " The Ransom of Mack" is also another great story written by O Henry. This story is about a two friends who worked really hard and they made a lot of money. When they got a lot of money they decided to hire a Chinese cook and spend the money however they want. They thought they had a lot of money. At the end they ran out of money and became poor.

Almost all of O. Henry's short stories have a surprise ending. It's hard to imagine the ending of his stories. In real life everything will not go the way people wanted or they thought it would be. Almost all of O. Henry's short stories are example for that. End of his each story is different from what each character thought would happen. Porter, William. O. Henry's Short Stories.

New York: Lancer Books, 1968.