Recently rumours have spread that Wirra wee and most of the Australian coastline has been invaded. The Middle East soldiers are well prepared and losses have been minimal. Some of the soldiers are professionally trained while others are mere youths or old recruits. Many local civilians have been captured. The invasion took place at the Commemorations Day concert because it's a tradition and everyone would attend the show grounds.

Without any doubt, the soldiers have made the show ground their main base and, that's where all families have been held under inhumane conditions. Although most of the people have been captured, they have appointed nurses and allowed Red Cross members to operate the hospital. One of the survivors stated "they have blown up all houses so no one could take refuge there. Some of the soldiers got severe burns from the explosions that have been caused by guerrillas.

Since some of the local civilians have resisted the invaders, they have killed and tortured some of their families, making other detainees terrified". He also explained that the safest way for a person to collect information was by working at night. If they see you they will definitely kill you. The prisoners of war are starting to clean out their houses from the damage on Commemoration Day. They are trying to restore things to the way they were. This seemingly unstoppable army has already given commands to the Australian allies.

They stated if any allies of Australia tried to intervene they would find themselves in the longest, costliest and bloodiest war of their lives. It may be possible that our country will fall to this unspeakable enemy.