Okwonko had nothing to start out his own life with which young men usually did. There was no inheritance from his father, Un oka. So, Okwonko had looked upon a wealthy man named Nwakibie who lived about his village. After bringing wine for the two to drink, Okwonko asked for Nwakibie's help in sparing yams for his preparation of a farm.

Nwakibie agreed and was very generous giving Okwonko twice of what was expected (800 yams). Okwonko had a lot of difficulties due to the unpredictable weather in harvest. It was the most horrible year not a thing grew, but one consolation. Since he had survived the year he shall survive anything. And Okwonko's patience then was tried beyond words. If I were to be brought up in a world that wasn't so materialistic, with a father who hadn't supported me financially, where I wasn't set, I'd probably be forced to do anything to be on top and literally survive.

When I say anything I mean work for what I want and need rather than just expecting what was expected for the norm. During My time being here where I actually have had awareness of what reality really is, I've learned from my parents what it takes to become successful and achieve what you want. To live in a world with no worries is impossible but to live happy is what you make of it. In order to do that you have to lead a path where you can acknowledge the fact that the choices you make always and will dictate the life you lead.

My proverb-"For a man who starts out with nothing and then is granted everything, but then looses everything, still walks away with something.".