Krakatau Krakatau (Krakatoa), is said to have created the worst volcanic eruptions in history, in 1883. Ancient Krakatoa formed in 416 A.D. and still exists today in Indonesia. That same explosion, in 1883, created 130 feet tsunamis, which destroyed 130 coastal homes, two docks (India and Australia), and killed about 36,000 people. It created very loud sounds and was heard as far away as Madasagascar, about 3,000 miles away from Java, where Krakatau was.

Some people even believe that it may have been the reason for the drop in temperature and the spectacular sunsets for the next three years. Krakatoa has erupted many times in its "lifetime", but this paper will only share about 3 eruptions: 1883, 1988, and 1992. In 1883, Krakatoa had its most dangerous explosion on August 27th. It blew itself to bits, literally! It destroyed 75% of itself along with many other people living near the coastlines of Australia and India. In 1988, Krakatoa erupted in February, then continued on March 16th on which was reported caused two small lava flows from its new crater, then continued into April, causing frequent explosions to eject small plumes of fire.

The last eruption we " ll talk about was in 1992. This explosion's strongest activity point occurred on November 12, when Krakatoa started "shooting" lava-bombs out of its crater onto the north coast and some lava flowed into the sea. While we know volcanoes erupt, how do they erupt? After some research, I found that they are caused by gas pressuring the molten magma, forcing the magma to push upward into the weak zones in the Earth's crust. Thus, this allows the magma to push its way out through the volcano's vents to be erupted from its crater to become lava. In the 1883 eruption, the eruption lasted from August 23-27.

In 1988, the explosions lasted from February to April, erupting continuously. And in 1992, it lasted from November 7, 1992 to August 14, 1993, one of Krakatoa's longest eruptions. In 1992, the lava flowed one kilometer to the north, moving the shore 100 meters more northern than the former shore Krakatoa has caused much damage to the world, but what specifically has it done? In 1883, it created 130 feet high tsunamis, which destroyed 135 coastal houses, 2 ports, and killed over 36,000 people. The eruption that occurred on March 16, 1988, didn't cause much damage. On the other hand, in 1992, it killed one tourist and injured five others.

Krakatoa is still hyped-up and ready to rumble. In fact, it just erupted in 2001, just last year! This concludes that it's still active and is still likely to blow its top off!