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One of my fondest memories One of my fondest memories in life is the summer time cookouts my friends and family used to throw every summer. Every Sunday through out the summer my father used to wake us up a the crack of dawn to help load up the car with all the food it could carry, and then head out to Glen Island Park in New Rochelle New York. During the ride my brother and I used to tease each other about who would throw the farthest in football and who would be the first to light the grille with dad. Once we arrived we all would rush out of the car with total anticipation for the special day that was about to take place. While this was happening my dad would say How about some help guys I would always bellyache because there was so much to carry. When we finally decided on a spot to set up our cookout site we would quickly assemble up the grille, Coolers, Radio, and set the table with all of the condiments and utensils.

This would take about an hour just to do this painstaking task. My dad would announce when he was going to light the grill to start the day. My brother and I would sprint at top speed from whatever we were doing just to get to the grille first to help my father ignite the charcoal. You see we would always get there so early that we even had breakfast outdoors. At about 12: 00 my mother would arrive with her friends and their children, bringing more charcoal soda, and food that we couldnt fit in my fathers car. I would run up to my mother giver her a kiss hello and help her with the items she was carrying to the grill site.

While my father was cooking a feast; my brother, my friends, and I would start up a game of tackle football and play right up until we had to eat. You had to see us running around like we were our favorite professional players calling signals and executing plays while we worked on our tans and appetites. Then m dad would make his famous announcement Ok boys lets greece! And eleven sweaty, dirty, young men would come rushing the table like a bunch of crazed loonies looking for something to fill our bellies after the long game of football. Our eyes would swell from the sight.

Our mouths would water from all of the delicious food my father had prepared for all of us to eat. We had Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Ribs, Chicken, and Sausage. Trust me when I tell you if we brought it we ate it. After we feasted, my friends, my family, my friends family, and I would strike up a huge game of Frisbee that lasted for the remainder of the day. We would jump, and crazy stunts just to show off our athletic ability to all of the people watching. It was just like a big event you would watch on Television.

When the game was finally over we would all sit down around the table in a big circle and brag about who had the best moves in the game. Then I would quietly lay down on my beach blanket and take a nap, after all Ive been up since 7: 00 am. After my nap my mother used to wake me up to tell me it was time to leave and go home. This was always the saddest part of the whole day, but I always new we would do it all over again next Sunday weather permitting.