One Time essay example

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Have you seen her? You may have walked or even drove by her more than one time. You may have noticed her glistening red skin, the voluptuous curves on her body, or used her for exercise. I cannot say it was love at first sight when I first saw her, she appeared to be like all the others I had been with; however, she possessed something that I could not describe. When the wind blew it was as if she was calling my name so I could not stay away from her. I have spent many hours in the blistering hot sun preparing myself for those special times that I would have with her.

I have shed both blood and tears for her. My woman is not an average female, she is extraordinary. She never asks where have I been or why I have not called. She is content with where she is and does not complain. She does things that other women would not do. My woman is like a dirty rest area, open to the public twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

There is no admission fee. People call her the "neighborhood girl". She knows the corner where she belongs to and knows how to please. For her age, she is in pretty good shape.

Not just men, but people from all over the country come to be with her. She does not discriminate against anyone. People of all ages, races, classes and genders have access to her. Many people are with her at more than one time.

Sometimes there can be ten to forty people with her. When I see more than one person with her, I do not get jealous with her because I know that she can make them better, and I know that they need her more than I do. The first time I was with her I only lasted for ten seconds, but I have made dramatic improvements. She has a lot of miles on her since she has been broken in from the years of pounding. Her legs stretch for miles. They are straight like runways for planes awaiting take off.

She takes me places I have never seen or been before. On many occasions when I'm with her, we become one. When I am with her, I am able to distance myself from all the other odors exhausted by others who are also on her. Those that are with her for the first time are not able to keep up with her rigorous pace.

However, with much repetition practice makes perfect. When you turn on the television you see people being interviewed on how they performed so well on her. She has seen records made and broken. I hate to admit it, but I too walk over her. I only use her for practice; my main woman is waiting for me somewhere. After a long day of hard work, I always leave exhausted.

Whatever I do is not enough because she is always demanding perfection. She has made me a better person both mentally and physically. Perhaps like others before me, I'll continue to run over her. As a result, one day she will see me set a record on her.