Coleman 1 Amber Coleman Professor Wood Eng. 1015 December 2001 Individualism Many characteristics may create one's individualism. Personality, appearance, environment, and heredity are the characteristics that make up one's individuality. One can control the individual he may become with the help of individualism.

Personality is a characteristic that plays a major role in one's individuality. "One has many parts that make up his personality" (Kramer 27). One may show these parts in different ways. There are a variety of personalities that one can have. If one wants others to see him as fun, he must have a fun and joyful personality. If one has an outgoing personality, one may have many friends and have a very social life.

Many times a person can be judged by his personality. One's personality may vary from day to day. One should always try to express the most unique personality possible. Coleman 2 One's appearance can clearly define one's individuality.

One's appearance can be controlled to a certain extent. A person can truly express his individualism through his appearance. The color of one's hair, skin, and eyes can be changed to one's liking. The way a person looks can determine many things throughout his life. The environment in which one lives may greatly affect one's individuality.

"The people and things around one affect how one may feel about oneself" (Kramer 12-13). His environment also affects the way a person behaves. The people and things that are around one could affect how one feels and thinks about oneself. A person's environment can be controlled. If one is not happy in his environment, he can find a more suitable place to live. In several ways, one's environment can determine who one will become in the future.

Heredity is a characteristic that helps determine one's individualism. Heredity controls features like the color of one's hair, eyes, and skin. The way one is seen as a person could be determined because of one's heredity. One may not be accepted or he may even be stereotyped by his heredity. Heredity is a characteristic that cannot Coleman 3 be changed or altered. Individualism is a great aspect of life.

It is what makes everyone the unique, different person one is. If a person didn't have individuality, everyone would be a mold of one another. Personality, appearance, environment, and heredity are a few characteristics that help create one's individualism. Individualism is what makes the world the very unique and exiting place it has become. Coleman 4


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