Othello Professes His Love For Desdemona essay example

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Othello In the play "The tragedy of Othello", one character that I thought clearly changed during the course of the play was the main character, Othello. Othello was a man of great dignity and honor. He was noble of birth, both a captain and a general, the foremost officer in the state of Venice and the new General of Cyprus. He had the respect of all men and women surrounding him, he identified himself with the "great ones" and with that he was shown the uttermost respect and loyalty. He was an intelligent, honest, and patient man. Othello was also a man who judged by the facts, nothing more, nothing less.

But perhaps the most compelling way to describe Othello's true character and personality was that he was very much in love with a woman named Desdemona, his wife. Othello professes his love for Desdemona saying, "But I do love thee! and when I love thee not, chaos is come again". The sweet love and passion that Othello and Desdemona felt for each other was incomparable and highly admired by the world. Othello's breakdown began when Iago, a trusted friend, poisoned Othello's mind with untrue accusations about Desdemona's faithlessness towards Othello. Othello, being a man of confidence and loyalty, appears at first not to believe this. However he soon falls into Iago's mischievous little scheme, become nothing more than putty in his hands.

It is almost as if Othello is under Iago's spell for he trusts too easily and, because he let Iago trick him into believing foolish things and impossible reasons for her unfaithfulness, Othello is doomed. He becomes outraged, consumed with anger and jealously. In a moment of rashness, he strikes Desdemona in front of Lodi vico and other noble men as they watch in disbelief. Othello was forced to choose between the alleged honesty of both Iago and Desdemona, unfortunately making the wrong choice. Othello becomes completely corrupted by Iago's lies. Othello firmly convince that he is a man who cannot be deceived, kills Desdemona.

His reasons for such a harsh and brutal action are that it was his duty. However, as he uncovers the truth about Desdemona's unwavering faithfulness and realizes her pleas and cries of innocent were in fact all true, Othello takes his own life. Desdemona was completely innocent and accused of a crime she had not committed and Othello felt as if his life, were over too. During the course of the play, Othello losses all self-knowledge and patience. A once reasonable and confident man turns to violence and acts out of rage, something that never would have occurred before.

He looses his self-control and falls victim to his own jealousy and ignorance. His breakdown of character was one that was unexpected and shocking. Once a man looked upon with such dignity and truth by others, was now reduced to a murderer. A man who had said: "My life upon her faith" went back on his word. His patience and respect for others was no longer. Othello's near obsession, his idealistic and na ve love for Desdemona, was cleverly manipulated by Iago, and tragically caused both Othello and Desdemona their lives.