The past has shown time and again that Americans who gain a college education will be much more likely to be financially secure, find jobs easier, be happier, and have more knowledge. If a person attends college it will open a whole new list of jobs they can take. Also, you will most likely be paid more just because you have a large wealth of knowledge in your head as well. Financial success and knowing a few things in life will make a person happy, and will most likely live a much more comfortable life. It is a fact that by going to college a person will get better jobs for higher salaries. People also attend college for whatever they want also, so they can chose a high paying career if they want.

A person will lead a better and less stressful life if there financial status is never a problem. That would leave time for many things that could enrich a person's life as opposed to working for 90% of it. Without going to college people will make minimum wage, if they do make good money it is because they are breaking their backs for it. By attending college, a person will make more then both of these people.

Also, person could be trained in many different areas, ensuring a good career. Going to college would make getting a job in life an easy task. A person with a college education could take a good job, and may even often find better ones throughout life. When out of work, a college person will get any job quicker than someone with out college experience.

Besides that, a person would go to college and study a specific area that they can go directly into. Also, if you go to college you would chose they money you make by the career you chose, if a person wanted more money they will just chose a higher paying career path. If a person has a lot of knowledge and a good enough education jobs will call them. Also, if a person goes to college they will learn a lot of useful information for life.

People who have gone through college are more now more than someone who has not been. College also teaches people too strengthen their minds and create better thinking skills and knowledge through life. Some say that the only poor men are those, which lack knowledge. If a person turns out to not be dumb that will make them happier in there lives as well. General life happiness will be the real final result to a college education. College gives so many advantages to a person that a happy life will most likely be in there future.

If money is never something to worry about and a person is doing what they want for a job, they will be happy persons. College is a way to secure a nice life. People who obtain a college education will be much more likely to be financially secure, get jobs easily, have more knowledge, and basically be happier in there life. A person who has gone to college has chosen a good job or career path for themselves. They are financially successful people, and they are happy. Going to college e greatly improves lives.