Pisceans enjoy sex to the fullest: they are very creative in bed and are most in trying innovative types of sex. They will do just about anything short of death to please their partners. Their apparent shyness and timidly is only a front, for, once the doors are closed, they " ll take you on the adventure of a lifetime. On the darker side, Pisceans sometimes join sex cults, become prostitutes, or engage in long term abusive relationships.

Attractive, intelligent, and charismatic, the male is extremely passionate, self-indulgent, and sensitive to others. Although he likes to take the lead in bed, he likes an experienced, sexually demanding woman who will make all of his erotic fantasies come true. He's definitely a foot man a mate will drive him wild by massaging his feet and sucking his toes. The Piscean woman is sexually liberated and will do anything-wear outrageous costumes, endure bondage, give a tongue bath, lie under a golden shower- to please her man.

Easily turned on by exotic settings and erotic games, she is passionate woman who enjoys sex to the fullest and will sometimes use her body to get what she wants. Capricorn, Tar us, CAncer, and Scorpio are compatible signs. So if you happen to fall underneath one of these astrological signs and are looking for pleasure it would wise to find a Piscean mate. Pisceans do not only offer great sex but also make comforting companionship. MAny Piscean adults move to warmer climates and choose to live as close as they can to the seas, their most powerful and comforting element. Piscean when taken out of t hier element and setting can become ir rate and aggressive.

They feel the need to be in control. They are also people who tend to hold long lasting grudges no matter how minute the problem.