Hitler Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria, all through school he was a poor student and then after not getting anywhere in all those years he quit school completely. He tried to get into a Fine Arts Academy but was neglected due to lack of talent. He then moved to Vienna until 1913 in a n orphans pension. After he grew to old for pension he was forced to live on the streets and ate by selling his paintings. In World War 1, Hitler was declared a dedicated, courageous soldier, but he dedication and commitment to the army were soon diminished due to being gassed and wounded during the war. Hitler was never promoted to anything more because his peers felt he had a lack of leadership.

In 1918 when Germany won the war he stayed in the army until 1920. In 1921 he was elected the Party Chairman for the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi Party). After he became the chairman of the Nazi Party he began political Agent for the Party. Hitler was soon made president and began his creation of mass movement and his climb to power. Although Hitler was a huge part of history it is believed that many people have become to dislike all of Hitler's action because he was going down and he wanted to take the whole world with him. Maybe Hitler let abused as a child or something but whatever happened to him before should not have had anything to do with such a great quantity of Politics.